Shaitani Rasmein 19th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Nikki seeks Baal devi’s help

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The episode starts with Sumitra asking Vikram if he is fine. Vikram says yes, I am fine. He says I couldn’t understand what Daayan…Piyush says she had hypnotized us and then we don’t know what happened with us. He asks Nikki if she is fine. Vikram stops Piyush from talking to Nikki. Piyush says I am her husband and has responsibility towards her. Vikram refuses. Sumitra says we shall know what had happened between Sumitra and Daayan. Aarohi says she had whispered something in Nikki’s ears. Vikram asks if it is not enough that Malik is happy with us and Daayan don’t want to hurt us. Piyush says I know something wrong has happened, I want to talk to her, will not obey her command. Prateik holds him. Vikram says you can’t meet Nikki. Nikki comes to her room and feels helpless. She recalls Baal Devi’s words asking her to be careful and not do any sin intentional or unintentional. She says Baal Devi alerted me, but then also I got trapped by Chaaya’s trap. She says I don’t understand why she wants to drink my blood, what is in my blood which made Chaaya so excited. Chaaya daayan is resting on her bed and tells that she is feeling as if 1000’s of sun have risen inside her, and thinks to check her new power which she got due to Nikki’s blood.

Nikki says Chaaya asked me not to tell anyone that she drank my blood, and says she is Daayan, but she is afraid of whom. She goes to a big mountain and hits on it, it breaks. Due to impact, the haveli faces earth quake. Nikki wonders what is happening. Daayan says you have made me yearn so much and had captive me in that desert for many years, but now Daayan have returned and tells that she will take revenge on Malik after becoming more powerful with Nikki’s blood. She says I will be very powerful and will be new Malik.

Nikki realizes Daayan doesn’t want Malik to know that she is drinking her blood. She says Daayan is just afraid of Malik. Malik tells Daayan that he needs power and tells that he can’t wait till next Amavasya. Daayan says if I had a power like you, then would have brought Amavasya soon. Malik says he just needs his dear Nikki. She thinks even she wants Nikki.

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Nikki thinks what to do, as her suraksha yantra is destroyed and thinks to seek Baal devi’s help. Nikki asks Baaldevi to come and tells that she didn’t do the sin intentionally. She pleads her to come infront of her. She cries.

Later she finds herself in Baaldevi’s place and baaldevi comes infront of her. Nikki folds her hands. Piyush asks Vikram and Prateik to open the door and says you can’t do this with me. Vikram tells that he is ashamed to give birth to such a son, who wants to burn their happiness, and Nikki is obeying Daayan. He says you all shall obey her command and shall not talk to Nikki. Sumitra tells that Daayan has become more dangerous, how? Vikram says this is a warning that we have to face the consequences if we don’t obey her. He says the danger is gone from over us, Daayan is happy with us and I want her to be happy. Prateik says Papa is right, we are fine now and it is a big thing that Daayan has become sympathetic towards us. Vikram says Prateik is right.

Sumitra tells Aarohi that she don’t understand that Nikki who was against Malik and Daayan and was motivating us, how she can bend down infront of Daayan, and says something big has happened? Aarohi says what? Sumitra says she has to find out what had happened between Daayan and Nikki.

Baaldevi tells Nikki that she knows that she didn’t do it intentionally. Nikki says yes. She asks what is in my blood that Daayan wants to drink my blood. Baal devi says you are Shatabhisha whose blood makes the evil powerful and that’s why Malik and Daayan wants her blood. Nikki asks if there is any way to get back the shield? Baal devi says there is a way, but very impossible. Nikki says she is ready to do anything. Baaldevi says you have taken an animal’s life, now has to make another alive so that you get back the shield. Nikki asks whom I shall make alive? Baaldevi says to a daayan.

Precap: Saudamini thinks Nikki going to Daayan’s room. Aarohi says Daayan can do anything. Daayan tells Nikki that she made Malik as Shaitaan Malik, he was not Malik from the beginning. Later Sumitra and Aarohi come to meet Nikki.