Shaitani Rasmein 18th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Daayan tricks Nikki to commit a sin

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Shaitani Rasmein 18th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Nikki telling that she let the child go, but how she will save her family and Piyush from Chaaya, if she didn’t get the meat then it will be last day for her family. She wishes that if she had got a chance to touch Chaaya then she will blast her fully, but for now she needs the meat for her food. She sees jackfruit and recalls Rachna making it, and making her taste the food which tastes like non veg. Nikki thanks the God for saving her from committing the crime and says now I can save my family. Daayan smells the food and tells that very good sweet is coming from the kitchen. She congrats herself and says Nikki has done animal killing. Nikki brings the dish and asks her to have it. Daayan asks Vikram and Sumitra to go and stand there. Nikki asks Daayan to have it and asks herself to be confident. Daayan eats the dish and tells that it is too tasty. Nikki asks her to leave her family. Daayan asks her not to misbehave with her and let her have food. Nikki thinks to attack her and touches her hair. Daayan asks if you are thinking why I didn’t feel any jerk. She says you are egoistic about the maha suraksha yantra. Nikki thinks how did she know about it. She touches Daayan’s hair again and Daayan makes her fall down.

Daayan says she was ignoring her and was hesitant to come near her, and asks if you thought that she is scared. She tells that she had known about her power, but didn’t know the power details, so she sent her to get the black sand with Piyush and did your accident to see your shield. She says she saw her shield and made her do a sin to destroy it. Nikki says she didn’t do any sin. Daayan says you have made kathal sabzi. Nikki says yes. Daayan says I was with you in the kitchen and had put snake in the dish when she went to add the salt. Daayan was on the roof. She says you have done the sin that made your yantra melt and vanished. Nikki says you have betrayed me. Daayan holds her hair and asks her not to let anyone know that her suraksha shield is destroyed. She asks her not to tell anyone whatever happens between them. Nikki asks what she is going to do? Daayan bites and sucks Nikki’s blood. Nikki writhes in pain.

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Bhikshu tells Baal Devi that Daayan is drinking Nikki’s blood. Baal Devi says nobody can save her from daayan, as her shield is broken.

Daayan tells Nikki that she will not drink anyone’s blood now, as she will drink only her blood. Nikki says if I refuse. Daayan says you can’t. She tells that if you made me yearn for your blood or tell anything then I will eat your Piyush. Nikki cries. Daayan frees everyone from the hypnotism. Sumitra asks Piyush what happened to him. Daayan feels utmost happiness and feels power in her blood. She tells Vikram that Nikki will stay here as her safe keeping and nobody shall meet her. Vikram says we will obey your order. Daayan says if you follow my orders, then I will not trouble anyone, else I will make everyone’s lives miserable. She asks her to come to her whenever she calls her.

Precap: Daayan hits the land and it cracks, the impact is so heavy that even the haveli faces the earth quake. Daayan shouts and tells Malik that he had kept her captive in the desert, now she is back.