Jhanak 19th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Anirudh stands by Jhanak

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The Episode starts with Jhanak leaving. Appu asks her to stop, its good her marriage broke. Anjana says don’t stop Jhanak, let her go. Jhanak says I might go back to Srinagar. Shrishti asks would Tejas leave you there, you got habitual to trap men, Tejas is not bad, he is honest. Arshi says Tejas is better option than Avinash, you are losing a big opportunity. Jhanak asks Shrishti to get Arshi married to Tejas, by breaking relation with Anirudh. Shrishti and Arshi get angry. She raises hand on Jhanak. Anirudh comes and holds Shrishti’s hand. He says no, you can’t slap her. Shrishti and Arshi stop him. He says Jhanak didn’t say anything wrong, I heard what she said, if Arshi cant trust me, then she can find someone else, you have no right to slap her. Shrishti says I have a right, I m her Maasi. He says wrong, you have no right on her, you can’t beat anyone legally, be it your relation or maid. She asks Arshi to see what is he saying.

He says whatever you did, you should get punished. Bipasha says they got half married in Kashmir. Anirudh asks really, then what about Jhanak and my marriage, it happened completely, we didn’t believe that marriage, so you didn’t give any importance to her, then she is my wife and this house’s bahu. Jhanak asks them to stop it. She says I m leaving, you all can’t interfere in my life, I will never come back. Appu cries. Lal asks her to shut up. Bipasha asks Appu to get out. Jhanak says if it was in my hands then I would have taken Appu with me, one day I will take Appu with me. Anirudh asks where will you go. Arshi asks why do you want to know. He says I want to know, Shrishti and Tejas cheated us, everyone supported her, I should send the involved people in police custody, I will make some arrangements for her, I will take a flat on rent for her. Arshi says just stop it, Jhanak isn’t your responsibility. He says but I have to take responsibility of her. Anjana defends Jhanak. Tanuja and Shubh argue. Jhanak says enough, I will manage something, don’t worry about me. He says I won’t allow you to go this way. Shrishti says she should go back to Srinagar and rectify her mistake. Bipasha says she should marry Tejas. He says no, I will help Jhanak, what’s the problem, she can stay here if not in any flat, Jhanak will get more work, I know Jhanak can’t end her life, she should live with esteem, what’s wrong, if she goes and anything happens to her, will you take responsibility, she will stay here or in a rented flat. He scares Shrishti and tells what all Jhanak could do. He says it’s a big crime, your image will be ruined, you did the damage, you pay for it now. Shrishti says I feel you are putting this on her mind. He says she doesn’t want to complain against you, she is sensible. He asks Jhanak to go to room. Jhanak refuses. He says you just go to your room. She says I m an adult, I m not your responsibility, respect my decision. He says this won’t happen until I m alive, I promise, I will send you one day, do work, earn money, take new projects. He says you all just start preparing for Arshi and my marriage. Appu claps and says Jhanak will stay here. Shrishti says you decided everything. Arshi says its better that Jhanak stays in this house. Anjana says Anirudh, you did good. Shubh says Bipasha and Lal, start the marriage preparations, it will happen on the decided date. Anirudh smiles. Bipasha asks why are you smiling. He asks why do you ask. She asks the reason. He says you are very insecure, Arshi, I thought you have much work, you have come here, better go and finish your work.

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He asks Jhanak to go to her room. Appu takes Jhanak with her. Later, Jhanak gets the diyas and comes downstairs. She falls down the stairs. The saree catches fire. Anirudh sees this and runs to her. He catches the saree and asks her to remove the pallu. He puts off the fire. He asks are you fine, who asked you to get diya. Jhanak says Anjana asked me to do aarti, I said I can’t do it, because I m not a part of this family, there is no one at home, I was coming downstairs and slipped, I have to light diya again. He says no need. She says you have forced me to stay here. He says you could have left if you wanted, right.

Anirudh meets the clients and talks about Jhanak’s work. Aditya comes home to meet Jhanak. Anirudh and Jhanak argue with the family members.