Radha Mohan 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Radhika goes to meet Gungun

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Yug is sitting holding the ice when Radhika suddenly starts saying that it is wrong and she cannot think of her past because she has moved on in her life then why is she thinking so much about her past, she has a very loving wife and a loving husband with a beautiful son so she cannot let her past come into the present neither now nor in the future or ever, it is wrong that she is thinking of it, there is no place for her past even in her dreams, Yug says she promised him, thinking how Radhika said that she wants to tell her about her past, and told her that she is from Barsana and her Grandparents love her a lot but she never got the love of her mother, Yug replies he does not want to know of the past which is hurting her, she replies she wants to tell her however Yug says he cares for her present and not the past, so it is all meaning less with whom she spent her past and if it is related to her tears then he does not want to know of it, Radhika agreed to never say anything of her past which she promised her, that her past will never come in the present, Yug says she said her past will never come to their present but then why is she thinking of it which is hurting her so much, Yug says he will now find out who is in the past due to which she is hurting so much, Yug accidentally drops the ice box from his hands but they all are severally injured and the blood starts dripping on the ice while he without caring for them places his hand on the ice again, Yug after standing comes to sit beside Radhika exclaiming in order to save their present relation, it is time that he finds about the relations of her past which are still near to her heart, so he will pull the heart out from that person. Yug looks at his injured palms,

Mohan is sitting beside Gungun thinking he has made his life after a lot of difficulty and no matter how much he hates Radha but he cannot be selfish and no one can hurt his Gungun even if they are related to Radha, Mohan kisses Gungun on the forehead wishing her Good night.

In the morning Radhika asks Manan to sit quietly as she needs to correct his hair but he does not listen when Pari comes so tells Manan to roam carefully outside as she has heard a very dangerous kidnapper is roaming outside who takes the young children away and gives them a lot of homework while also just feeding them green vegetables, Manan tells that the green vegetables are actually very dangerous, Pari says how will they bring the new Manan if he is kidnapped, Radhika explains she is here then how can Manan get out from her eyes, Pari asks Manan to always listen to the instructions of his mother, Radhika combs his hair and then asks where does the didi live Manan informs she is the cousin of Sargam so Radhika once again asks where does she live but Manan does not know it so she asks him to think carefully, Yug coming questions Radhika what is the problem and why does she need the address.

In the morning Mohan asks Gungun if she is set, she says that she has to prepare all of the subjects when Mohan explains she must prepare and he will take her Chemistry test, Gungun asks him about the formulae, Mohan says it is the smoke which comes out of their car, Mohan then says Meera should tell it but she replies he should give the answer, Gungun says it is CO2 when Mohan mentions it is just CO, so Mohan says that Sargam has gone to the tuition while even Ajeet and Ketki are not in those so he does not feel like leaving Gungun alone, Meera says that the security of the society is very strong and this is her house, Meera says what will happen to him when she goes out of the country, Mohan replies that he will care for her even if she gets thirty four years old as he cares a lot for her so will come back and take the test after reading it, Gungun asks him to go as they will get late for the doctor and Dadi is sitting outside, Mohan turns to leave but Gungun asks when are they going to sign the contract for the house, Mohan replies tomorrow hearing which she gets worried.

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Radhika tells Yug she feels they should go and thank them when Yug asks if she wants to do it, he says that it is a very sweet gesture and so sends the address, Radhika explains she will even go to the Mandir after it and so Yug says she should even take him to the mall to play games, he hands Radhika the bag which she takes to leave but Yug stops her asking for a moment, he asks where is the second Payal, Radhika informs she could not find the other one so is it looking strange, he says that whatever she wears would become a design, he sends both Radhika and Manan out of the house, Yug thinks it was very necessary that she leaves the house today, Punan questions was it necessary that Radhika leaves the house as if he has his way then would not let her out of his sight but is now asking her to leave when she is not well, she asks Yug what is the reason but he keeps smiling.

Gungun wonders what is papa and Radha see each other, she sits beside the pillar while crying, she says she will not let this happen and have to do something due to which Radha never returns to their life, she exclaims something must surely happen after which Radha must leave the life of both her and her father, she exclaims she is very selfish as she started her a new life in which she has an entire new family but they donot have anything, neither papa nor herself were able to move ahead. Gungun exclaims she wants to once again ruin her life, Gungun getting up refuses to let her return to their life.

Mohan is taking the car out when a bike comes to stop in front of them, Meera asks where is his attention when he says that the bike is in front of them, Radhika also comes to stop the car behind the car of Mohan, she looks for the address and then it seems the house is the same one, she then gets a strange feeling. Mohan is sitting in the front of the car with kadambari, another car comes in between the one of Radhika and Mohan, the bike is able to start and leaves. Radhika is smiling

Gungun is crying when the bell rings and she exclaims they donot even let her cry but the bell rings again so she vows to not let the person get away who are not letting her cry, Gungun opening the door is shocked seeing Radhika standing in front of her, Radhika replies she has come to talk to her father, Gungun gets worried thinking if she has found out about her, Radhika asks if she can come inside, Gungun gets worried.