Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Jarnail’s attempt to Kill Heer fails

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Jeet promises to do everything to ease Heer’s pain and signs the documents for her plastic surgery. The nurse says only two people can stay, and Jeet insists on staying with Heer while the others rest. Heer’s father decides to stay with Jeet, while Jarnail, furious to learn that Heer is safe, resolves to kill her and demands updates on her condition.

After a successful operation, Heer is moved to the ICU. While Jeet’s wounds are being dressed, Jarnail uses chloroform to incapacitate Heer’s father and sneaks into the ICU, taunting Heer about her impending death despite Jeet’s efforts to save her.

Jeet is informed that Heer is in the ICU. Meanwhile, Jarnail sabotages the oxygen tube, causing Heer’s oxygen levels to drop. Jeet discovers the tampered tube and rushes to get help, but the nurse quickly replaces it. The doctor avoids telling Jeet about the sabotage, and Heer’s condition stabilizes.

Jarnail plots further harm to Heer and orchestrates someone to infiltrate the hospital. Heer’s father expresses gratitude to Jeet, puzzled by his earlier blackout. Teji advises Jeet to rest, while Heer’s mother laments her daughter’s series of hardships. As Jarnail receives another call, Teji and Kavita unknowingly listen in and leave in a car.

Jeet reassures Heer that she must return for him, sensing movement in her hands. He alerts the ward boy about Heer’s consciousness, eagerly anticipating their reunion once her dressings are removed.

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Precap: Doctor remove bandage from Heer face. Everyone in shock. Jeet runs oit of room, he gets angry and shouts at him saying she is not my Heer.