Doree 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update : Rukmani reveals truth to Ganga Prasad

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Mansi walks to Neelu and applies colour on her. Vansh looking for Chakram sees Neelu avoiding Mansi and says Mansi is doing all this because papa isnt around.

Rukmani collides with Ganga Prasad, accusing him of playing mind games by pretending to be Agni and confusing her. She dismisses his attempts to scare her, asserting that he cannot intimidate her, especially since she knows she killed Ganga Prasad herself. Neelu worries that Rukmani is jeopardizing everything, while Doree feels elated witnessing Rukmani’s confession, although Ganga Prasad fails to hear it.

Yash endeavors to prevent the Basti people from attacking the textiles, while Maya vows to ruin Rukmani’s life. Ganga Prasad, unable to hear clearly due to water in his ears, is approached by Neelu, who claims Rukmani is intoxicated and swiftly removes her from the scene.

Mansi invites Ganga Prasad to dance, and Doree laments her unsuccessful efforts to expose Rukmani.Vansh troubles Chakram, considering Bhola the hero of the event, and playfully pushes him into the water. Ganga Prasad inquires about the commotion and learns of the trouble caused by the Basti people. Neelu contacts Maya, who is determined to play her part in ruining Rukmani’s life, leaving Neelu puzzled about Maya’s animosity towards Rukmani.

Rukmani, feeling suspicious, checks the washroom for any evidence but finds none, attributing her earlier hallucinations to her imagination. She recalls the Holi festivities and blames Bhola for giving her bhang. Doree prays to God for guidance in protecting her baba from Rukmani’s schemes, expressing her desire to stay by his side. Ganga Prasad attempts to reason with the Basti people, who express anger towards the Thakur family for neglecting their needs.Yash explains the situation to Ganga Prasad, who asserts his intentions to help the Basti people. Nani seeks solace at the temple, unaware of Doree’s presence, while Doree overhears Nani’s lamentations. Doree wishes to comfort her but also notices her fake parents nearby and stops.

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Precap: Rukmani attacks Neelu and threatens her. Neelu tells her that she was about to reveal the truth to Agni about killing Ganga Prasad. Doree walks to Ganga Prasad as Bhola, Ganga Prasad gives her a bracelete and hugs her unaware its Doree.