Radha Mohan 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Radhika sees Mohan in the Holi celebration

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Yug says he will come back in a moment and leaves, Mohan seeing the Payal picks it up in his hand, Radhika wonders why is she consonantly feeling that Mohan jee is around her, she refuses to believe it thinking it is not possible as this is just her life in which she does not have any place for him she suddenly feels that someone is pulling her hair however is not able to find anyone but then turning back is shocked to see Mohan standing in front of her who asks where is her braids, she is not even able to move and just keeps looking at him while he is also staring at her. Mohan then wipes the tears from her face while she is emotional, he pulling her close kisses her on the forehead first before doing the same on both of her cheeks. Mohan wishes her Happy Holi before hugging her tightly, Radhika says it can never happen and this is just her thought, Yug leaves her when Radhika gets shocked seeing him and realizes it is the truth, Yug is stunned when she questions if it is him, he says she was expecting someone else, Radhika asks what is he talking about as how can she expect someone else, he says how can someone apply color to her like this as it is not possible and only he can do it, Radhika agrees with him. Yug warns to take the life of the person who tries to do it, he starts laughing questioning why did she become so tensed as he was just joking, he then hugs her again explaining he wants to give her something which she left, Yug starts searching but is not able to find it, Punan and Garv come to wish Happy Holi to both Yug and Radhika, Yug says he had the Payal in his hands, and he cannot find it, Radhika says he should enjoy the Holi, Yug replies that Payal belongs to her and he does not even let her hair get lost so how did it vanish, he wonders why does he forget explaining they should tell him if they find it. Punan says she sometimes get jealous of her as she has such a loving husband who cares a lot for her, Radhika leaves to follow Yug when Punan wonders what has become of his obsession and no one should come between Radhika and yug, Mohan is wondering where can he find yug amongst so many people. Yug thinks how can he not look for the Payal.

Mohan is calling Gungun, Meera says she would be enjoying today as it is Holi so he should let it be, when Mohan says he is the father of Gungun and it is as they say that if one is not careful then it causes problems, Meera says he should even look at her like this, she applies color on him so Mohan starts following her with the colors. Ajeet sees Pari having a drink while telling everyone about her saree and designer jewellery, Ajeet slowly starts walking towards her after having the special Thandai.

Radhika is searching for Yug when she sees Mohan standing in front of her playing Holi, she starts thinking for a moment but even then sees him still standing there, she gets shocked as Mohan leaves. Radhika gets nervous.

Ajeet is drinking with Pari saying they did not perform the cheer, he apologizes after calling her Dadi and mentions they have organized such a nice party. Pari says that she does the best and no one in Delhi can give a party like her, Pari says he is also nice but he is a very weird couple with his wife, Ajeet says it is not possible that everyone gets a beautiful girl like her, Pari says he should have the drink when Ajeet says they all belong to her, she asks if he is of her then what would be of his wife, Ajeet is suddenly pulled back, Pari is searching for her Mohan ee,

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Radhika while panicking wonders what is happening to her and she is constantly thinking of him, Radhika sees Mohan running after Meera while playing Holi, Radhika then closes her eyes exclaiming he is her past and it cannot be in her present life, she however says it is not possible as there is no place for her past in this life. Radhika then sees the stall so goes to eat the green chilli wondering what is happening to her and she is just thinking about him again and again, she has such a nice family along with her son and husband who care for her, so she cannot deceive her family and think about her past, she starts eating the chilli, Mohan comes to stand behind Radhika, he suddenly feels as if he is drawn to her so slowly starts walking. Radhika is still eating the green chilli when Mohan is stopped by Pari ho says she went to bring Thandai for him, he says he feels he has gotten old as he has started feeling as if the dreams are true, Pari says he even jokes when she is standing in front of him holding the Thandai, Mohan asks if she brought this for him and says he is very fortunate and would drink it, she also gets excited when Mohan starts drinking it. Radhika is still eating the chilli even when she is sweating a lot, Mohan on the other hand keeps drinking the Thandai, Meera says they all are searching for him there but he is drinking Thandai, Radhika wonders why is she listening the voice of Mohan jee, she turns back however is not able to see anyone except the glass of Thandai, Radhika turning back starts coughing, Yug notices her so questions what has happened, he takes the chilli from her hand asking the reason she is eating chilli, he says she has turned red and is even sweating, Yug sees the glass of Thandai which he runs to bring to Radhika telling she will feel nice, Radhika refuses however Yug forces her to drink it with his own hands. Yug asks if she is feeling better, Radhika replies she is fine but asks if he is okay, he replies she scared him and he did not find the Payal, Radhika asks what does it care when she is with him, he replies it belongs to her however Radhika replies now when she is by his side then the Payal is also with him, she says they both should enjoy the Holi, Yug asks how does she do it by removing all of his tension, he hugs her when Yug says he has married the right person. Punan exclaims only Radhika can control Yug and she prays that Radhika should never be separated from Yug neither anyone should come between them, Mohan is walking in the party