Doree 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Rukmani drugs Ganga Prasad

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Rukmani performs Holi dahan pooja. Ganga Prasad feels dizzy. Rukmani asks him to come forward for holi ka dahan as the elder son. Mansi notices Ganga Prasad isn’t okay. Doree hiding and keeping an eye on Ganga Prasad.

Ganga Prasad prays after the pooja. Mansi prays for Doree. Ganga Prasad thinks of Nani’s words that Doree will never see you and thinks about how Doree cares about her. Rukmani thinks the drugs given to Ganga Prasad are working.

Doree believes Ganga is content with his new family, feeling out of place herself. Ganga begins dancing, prompting Komal to criticize his behavior, further convincing Doree of her irrelevance in his life. Neelu and Maya grow suspicious, while Doree contemplates leaving.

Ganga brandishes the fire stick, warning others to stay away, causing chaos. Rukmani relishes the turmoil, anticipating her return to power. Meanwhile, Komal considers installing CCTV cameras to capture the drama, leading to an argument with Neelu. In the Basti, Satho and his father celebrate Holi, unaware of Ganga’s turmoil. Nani dismisses Ganga’s antics, focusing on Doree’s absence and her desire for her return.

Feeling abandoned, Doree questions Ganga’s love. He appears and reminds her of their bond, urging her not to leave him alone. As he vanishes, Doree searches for him, finding him venting his frustration. Surprised by Mansi’s presence, Ganga listens as she reassures him of his innate goodness.

Doree encounters a saint, expressing her desire to aid Ganga without approaching him directly.
As Rukmani challenges fate, Doree departs, leaving Ganga mentally unstable and vulnerable to Rukmani’s schemes. Rukmani praying says tomorrow I will celebrate my victory of getting rid of my enemies.

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Precap: Rukmani slips but a boy saves her. Rukmani scolds the boy and says how dare you touch me and about to slap him. He stops her and says I am Bhola don’t cross your lines.