Kavya 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya gets Omi’s voice recording

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The Episode starts with Adi scolding Kavya. Kavya says you are reacting by hearing partial thing, Malini is keeping Alka away from Omi. Malini says she is lying, Omi was crying, I fed him milk, would I leave him alone, I wanted to give rest to Alka. Kavya says I didn’t say your intention was wrong. Malini says you are blaming me, you made Alka away. Kavya says Adi, listen to me. Adi stops her and says I made a mistake to think you are honest and won’t cross your limits, I don’t want to trust you, you don’t interfere. Adi asks Alka how did you think, mum will do wrong with Omi. Alka says no. She cries. He says we are one family, you don’t come in outsider’s words. He asks Kavya not to come between Malini and Alka. He says Sanjeev, you were wrong to call Kavya right. He goes crying. Alka takes the baby and gives to Malini. She cries for Omi. She stumbles. Sanjeev holds her and asks her not to worry, everything will get fine. He says I understand Alka’s pain, Adi isn’t a bad person. Kavya says he is blaming me, I can’t regard him wrong. He says you have gone mad, I heard you got fridge and tv. She says you have sent it. He laughs and says no. She says Adi. He nods and recalls Adi’s words.

She says I can’t win Adi’s trust until I find Omi’s killer. He says we will find him. She says I m trying. Badi Amma looks on and worries. She goes to Adi and says your wife is troubling everyone in the family. He says I m fine. She asks him to make Kavya out. Giriraj comes and says no, he will hold Kavya’s hand and have an outing, I know what he needs now, don’t give him wrong advice. She asks what. Adi says Kavya has crossed limits. Giriraj says I didn’t ask you not to take revenge, you can do it, you have become famous, it’s a chance to take an advantage, take Kavya on the campaign, make your public image, Minister said your seat is fixed, it’s a big chance. He asks Badi Amma to say now, does she agree. She says yes, if it has Adi’s betterment. He smiles.

Malini asks Omi to drink milk. Alka comes. She says baby didn’t take burp, maybe that’s why. She sees Kavya. She recalls Kavya getting the baby to her and asking her to feed him. Badi Amma slaps Anurag. She says you couldn’t do one thing, Giriraj has met party head and you didn’t know. He says don’t take tension, they didn’t get the ticket. She says stop Adi. He says we will kill him. She slaps him. She says you are a fool, Adi was alone before, now Kavya is with him, she will reach us if we harm him, we have to change the plan if we want to win, we won’t kill him, but we won’t let him live. Alka thanks Kavya. Kavya smiles. Alka says I just hear Omi’s message and cry. Kavya asks what message. Alka says he has sent him a voice message, the call disconnected. Kavya asks her to play the message. Alka plays it. Kavya says it’s a band sound, maybe he was around some band, we can find a witness. Alka says many marriages happen in one day. Kavya says I got a big clue, I know its tough, but not impossible, I will find out.

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Kavya goes home and talks to Sanjeev. Mayank and his friend come. They get sweets and say we have started our business. Kavya says I m happy, who is paying for the factory, what’s his name. Mayank says Sameer Shukla. She says anyways, I know you have grown up, business is risky, think well and read the document before signing. She goes. Mayank’s friend says Anurag is helping us. Mayank says leave it, it doesn’t matter. Sanjeev says Omi’s car was found at this spot. Kavya says its Bhamalpur area, the people know me well, I will go there. He says you can’t go there on bail, Adi’s lawyer will not let you get permission. She says if Giriraj and Adi get the permissions then… He asks how will you do this. Giriraj and Adi have dinner. Kavya comes home. She signs Alka. Alka says Kavya has done good work in Bhamalpur. Giriraj says its good, it will help you, listen to me, take Kavya with you. He asks Kavya to have food. She says no, I feel unwell. He asks her to go with Adi to Bhamalpur. She says oh, but I m sorry, I can’t go. He asks why. She says I m out on bail, I can’t go there. He says I will get you permission to go there, go with Adi and do campaigning well. She says then I will go, its about my husband’s future. He says great. She thinks I can’t tolerate your hatred, Adi.

Kavya comes to Badi Amma and confronts her. Badi Amma asks what will you do. Adi comes to some event. A blast happens there.