Radha Mohan 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Mohan reaches the Holi party with the family

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Yug walking out with Mohan exclaims his family is beautiful when Mohan turns on his phone however he tips from the stairs causing the phone to drop, Yug picks it up but is shocked seeing it and asks who is the person on the wallpaper, Mohan reveals he is the very nice friend while she is his wife, Yug says that it is strange as Mohan keeps the photo of his friend as his wallpaper, Mohan says the one in this photo is very close to his heart. Yug replies there should be friendship, he is very amazed with the family of Mohan and how Meera has accepted his family then it is very amazing, Mohan says that Meera is not his wife hearing this Yug gets shocked after which he starts laughing apologizing for it. Mohan says that Meera is his business partner and his friend, so since they came from Varandhwan they have been staying here while searching for his house, Yug asks of his wife, Mohan replies she does not live with them but Yug does not understand, Mohan explains the car is right in front so some other day, Yug apologizes for interfering when Mohan reveals his wife does not live with them, she stays away from them but the whole family is together due to him. Mohan explains she considers him as her Bhagwan, she is a mad girl. Yug says he cannot understand that when Mohan was talking of him he felt the visuals of his wife the only difference is that the wife of Mohan considers him Bhagwan but he thinks of his wife as Bhagwan since she takes the entire family together, Mohan jokes with him when Yug requests Mohan to come tomorrow for the Holi event.

In the morning the Holi festival is being celebrated with utmost enjoyment when Radhika walks out, she suddenly gets a strange feeling and recalls when she desired to apply the color to Mohan jee, she takes the name of Radha but after a moment exclaims that Radha has died and she is just radhika, as she could never get it being Radha and so Radha is just her past which had pain, suffering and darkness. Radhika clears the colors from the air, before walking away with a smile on her face.

Mohan stops the car, Meera along with Ketki, Ajeet and the rest of the family get out, Gungun says now she will enjoy celebrating the Holi, Mohan suddenly feels something strange, Ajeet looks at the Thandai when he asks Ketki if they can have some it to once again remember Varandhwan, Gungun leaves with Sargam, Meera follows them. Mohan is just looking around, Radhika is running when she also stops suddenly with the same strange feeling due to which she turns back however Mohan turns towards the other side after being hit by another person. Radhika then turns back wondering how can she be here as there is no place for him in the life of Radhika, she walks over the color and Mohan also steps in the exact same place as Radhika, he remembers when Radha after drinking revealed she likes him a lot.

Manan comes to apply the color of Radhika then she takes the color to wish him happy Holi when the boys hit him from behind so Manan also follows the, Yug coming from behind asks her to not take any stress explaining today she just belongs to him, he asks how did she like the arrangements when Radhika starts thinking so he says she should just praise, Yug says she is his wife and Holi is his favourite festival, Radhika starts thinking then says it was her favorite, he asks if it is not when she replies she said it is still her favorite, Yug says she saved him as then he would have to find other ways to impress her, she says she did not think she would celebrate Holi in such a nice way, he goes to pick the color seeing which Radhika starts thinking of when she tried to apply the color of Mohan but he refused, Radhika leaves after dropping the bracelet when yug comes wondering why is she running away from her color as what is the meaning of Holi if she does not have his color, he picks the bracelet from the ground, Mohan comes to stand in front of him, Yug says he just needs a moment as he has to give something important to his wife, Mohan says they were not able to meet when Yug assures he would arrange the meeting however just needs a moment saying that Mohan can play till that time.

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Mohan is standing when he hears Radha calling him and she throws the color on him after running towards from the corner, Mohan starts staring at her in the eyes, she is also looking at him while applying the colors, she then hugs him while crying and they both are emotional. Radha wishes him Happy Holi before kissing his hand, when Mohan gets emotional seeing ti as Radha kneels in front of him, he kneels to pick her up only to see that it is Pari, Meera gets shocked seeing Pari with Mohan, Pari asks what happened asking if he desires to touch her feet, she asks why does he have tears as she hates them, she asks if he did not like when she applied the color but Mohan replies they are just tears of happiness as such a beautiful girl si giving him preferential treatment, Pari says she was waiting for him and neither did she apply the color not let anyone apply, thinking he should get the first right to apply the color as she has heard that the color of the one who applies it first lasts the longest, Meera says she felt they came to play Holi but seeing them both thinks they are celebrating Valentine, Pari leaves telling Mohan that she will come back in a moment.

Yug while searching wonders where did Radhika go, Mohan then applies the color on his face when Yug also starts smiling after being stunned for a moment, Yug says he feels Mohan will be having fun, Ajeet also applies the color to Holi when Ketki also applies the color along with Gungun, Yug is still searching for Radhika so he leaves. Mohan picks the Payal, Ajeet asks if Yug wears it when Mohan starts feeling something strange along with Radhika who wonders why is she feeling that Mohan is near her, she is worried.