Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Dadu and Dadi confront Monisha

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Tashu telling Ashok and Manpreet that she is having some problem and tells that she is getting married. They assume that she is getting remarried to someone else and tell that it is not wrong. Tashu says she is marrying her own husband. She says she had married him in foreign, and that’s why they are remarrying in India. Prachi asks her about the problem. Tashu says she wants caterer for her remarriage function. she heard about kumkum bhagya catering service and asks if they know about it. Prachi asks her to think that her work is done. Ashok says Prachi handles the catering service. Tashu tells that she is happy, but she wants Prachi to attend her marriage as her sister. She asks Ashok to handle the catering.

RV and Poorvi come home. Vaishali asks about others. Poorvi says she has informed Dadi that they have come home. RV says he wants to be alone for sometime, as he was with her all night. Poorvi says you might want to prepare yourself to face everyone. She slips. Rv holds her. vaishali thinks what is happening? RV sees KK’s wedding card and thinks if he didn’t marry yet.

Prachi and Tashu see the politician coming there. Tashu tells Prachi that her Papa is contesting for election against this guy, and tells that she is doing this remarriage because of him as he had assassinated her character and was saying that I am staying with my husband without marriage, so I am remarrying to prove.

Harman, Harleen and others come there. RV and Poorvi come there. Harman says he wants to issue press release for their clear image if anyone comes to know about it. He asks for Jaswant. Vaishali says he didn’t come yet from office. Harleen says everyone has the bad habit to get immersed in business. Harman says it is important. Dadi asks Monisha why she had gone there. Monisha says for business meeting. Dadu says you was here with us for dinner then when did you go? They appreciate Poorvi for saving RV. RV asks Poorvi not to be happy as Dadi has the bad habit to praise others.

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Tashu gives morning tea to Ranbir. Ranbir says he is habitual to drink ginger tea and this is cardamom tea. Tashu says she has forgotten due to the marriage matter.

Prachi reminisces Ranbir asking her to give him tea and a fb is shown. Prachi brings tea for him. He says he likes the tea made by his mother. He sips it and says it is bad tea. Prachi says she will make again and is about to go. Ranbir says I was joking and says your tea is really good, and a bit better than Mummy’s tea. Prachi says if you are smart then I am smarter. He asks her to give the same tea, sweet, perfect etc. Prachi says ok, she will try. RV holds Prachi. Prachi asks what you will do, when I am not with you. Ranbir says I will not let you go far from me and will hold you. fb ends. Manpreet asks Prachi where she is lost? Prachi says she remembered, what she should have. Ranbir also misses Prachi and tells that he remembered someone. She thinks he is remembering who had left him and thinks she will not let him remember her. He says he will drink this tea.

RV’s family are seated for the breakfast. Poorvi brings the breakfast and says she has made breakfast of everyone’s choice. Deepika asks if she knows that they all eat different things. Poorvi says she woke up early and asks the Servant and made the food for everyone. Dadi and Dadi appreciate Poorvi and call her Annapurna. Dadu tells that he was right about Poorvi. Dadi asks Poorvi to sit with RV and have food, and asks Monisha to get up and come to her and sit. Monisha says what is the matter if she sits beside him. Dadi asks now you will tell me what is right and what is wrong. Deepika asks Monisha to get up and let them sit. Monisha gets up.

Precap: Harleen asks Monisha not to ask her to get her married to RV, after getting his divorce with Poorvi. Poorvi taunts RV for being with Monisha in the room. Deepika asks Monisha to stay silent for sometime and then attack Poorvi so that she don’t get up again.