Kundali Bhagya 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Bi jee assures Daljeet to end the relation of Palki and Rajveer

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Preeta says he cares and worries for his family so even stands by their side, he loves his wife so much that he prays for her in the Mandir, Preeta apologizes to him saying she saw him in the mandir as he was tensed for Nidhi and even crying for her, she asks if she has said too much and apologizes if he is bothered by her words, Karan mentions he is not bothered explaining they both are friends and there is a rule that one should neither say thank you nor apologize, he explains that so much has happened in the past few days that anyone can break and he just wants Nidhi to be fine so his children get back their mother. Preeta asks what about him when the constable says that she must leave as his family members have come to meet him, Karan request if she can stay for a little longer but Preeta replies she will come back again, and leaves asking him to eat the food. Karan gets emotional but then sits holding the food in his hands, he starts smiling.

Rakhi tells Karina she cannot understand who has come to meet Karan so late at night, Rakhi says even she is confused as they got the chance to meet Karan but who else could have taken the right, Karina says she prays it is not the media, Rakhi is shocked saying it is Preeta, Karina asks why has she come to meet Karan so late at night, Karina tells Rakhi how she feels that preeta has not lost her memory and remembers everything but she pretends she is just the one who cares for him, Rakhi tells Karina that seeing her face they cannot feel she is bothered, Rakhi asks Preeta what is she doing meeting karan so late at night, Karina mentions that Rakhi Bhabhi means the are the Luthra’s and have some social respect but what if the media personal make a news of it, Rakhi tells Preeta she should not come here when preeta asks if they are thinking it is not safe for her, she says that it is the police station when Karina informs they are not bothered by her safety, Rakhi tells Preeta to not try and meet Karan, Karina asks Rakhi to not tell Karan that they met the therapist here and said so much to her, Rakhi replies she will scold Karan asking what is the need to meet Preeta.

Bi jee asks Daljeet when she says that Shanaya would tell what happened, Bi jee asks Daljeet if this is how they raise the children and what is wrong with spending some time with Rajveer so why did she get angry, Daljeet asks Shanaya to tell the reason it all happened when Shanaya says that Daljeet slapped Palki, Bi jee asks if Daljeet has some sense as who raises their hands on the children, Shanaya informs she wanted to explain the entire truth but Dadi stopped her, Bi jee asks Palki to not take it on her heart, she asks Shanaya to take her suitcase while even pay the auto, she tells Daljeet it would not be nice if she scolds her so they all head inside.

Preeta is walking out of the police station when she hears the Inspector telling the media personal that they donot know what will happen as Karan would be presented in the court tomorrow and if Nidhi does not give her statement in his favor then it might be a problem for him, while even if the court gives the sentence against him then karan would still be in trouble, Preeta ask the inspector to also advise them what can they do to save Karan.

Rakhi asks what does he want to say, karan replies he wants them to just behave politely with preeta, Karina refuses to do it and says even Bhabhi cannot do it, karan replies they both would be hurting him emotionally, Karina asks what about how he treats them all as he just keeps defending the therapist and she feels they are not his own, Rakhi asks why is Karina di trying to convince him as he is no longer their own, Rakhi informs he does not listen to them nor gives them any importance which hurts them a lot, they both came to meet him here but she did not find her son but only the husband of Preeta, Rakhi leaves when Karina questions why did he irritate his mother, Karan informs that Preeta has lost her memory and due to the financial crisis she is forced to work in the hospital being the daughter in law of the Luthra’s. Rakhi comes saying preeta is not the daughter in law of the luthra’s and asks Karina di to comes ot hey both leave while Karan gets emotional.

The Inspector asks what mistake is he making, Preeta replies that he should take the statement of Nidhi before the proceeding of the court, Inspector says it is not possible as the time of the court hearing is near, preeta assures that Nidhi would give the statement in favor of Karan in the morning, Preeta asks the Inspector to come along with the reporters as Nidhi would give the statement in favor of Karan, Inspector replies she is not conscious when Preeta leaves assuring she will be awake in the morning.

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Palki turns back when Rajveer is standing behind her, she asks when did he come so he replies he was standing for a while, he asks why is she tensed and what happened so Palki explains that her mtoher was saying some bad things about him due to which they got in an argument and said bad things about him, Rajveer says that no mother can think wrong for their children but Palki says she does not like when her mother talks of his social status and being middle class, Rajveer replies that it is not worth any less then a lottery that she came in his life, Palki asks him to not talk like this with her, he says he is very fortunate to have her in his life as she fought with her mother, Palki replies she was just trying to explain that she does not have any problem wit him being middle class, he says they both love each other a lot and this is what is between them both which cannot be changed, Palki and Rajveer hug each other tightly while Palki is still crying.

Bi jee asks if Daljeet has lost her mind asking if she is her mother or not, saying she would do whatever she desires with the children as no one would forgive even a single mistake explaining fingers would be raised n her. Daljeet says that Bi jee has not seen how Palki was talking to her as a daughter should know how to talk with her when says that she cannot bear it and would have to teach Palki a lesson. Bi jee says she is the mother in law of Daljeet but still she listens to her so then making her sit down explains Daljeet just said that Palki looks at Rajveer like a lover so if she runs away with Rajveer then it might ruin her reputation, she asks Daljeet to send Shanaya so she can call Palki and Rajveer from the room. Bi jee mentions she will tell her how the relation will break.

Bi jee is worried where did Shanaya go but then Daljeet says that the house is very small, then she points at her so Bi jee asks Palki to come and sit with her explaining that where there are four utensils then ti causes some noise so Palki should not be worried as she has scolded her mother who has learned the lesson and neither stop her from going anywhere, Daljeet agrees she made a fuss of such a small thing so apologizes, palki herself says she should have stayed quiet but said such thing to her, Shanaya hugs Bi jee who gets up asking what is going on between them both, she says they should do it after but first must come to take her blessings, Bi jee tells Rajveer that he should never make Palki cry but keep her happy, Rajveer agrees to it, Daljeet asks if Bi jee would see the news of Mumbai as it can be seen on the television, Bi je replies she is tired and going to sleep, Rajveer gets a call from Mohit, he tells him that he is just coming back an leaves, Daljeet is still furious.

In the morning Preeta is walking in the hospital corridor thinking of how Karan was blamed for the suicide attempt of Nidhi, the inspector said that if Nidhi does not say Karan is innocent then he will not get a clean chit. Preeta entering the room of Nidhi says the time is very critical and if she does not take any step then it will cause a very big problem, she says that she wants Nidhi to know the condition of her family as they all are broken emotionally and Nidhi cannot even think about the condition of Shaurya, Kavya who is not saying anything but is very tensed. Preeta says even karan is arrested on the charges for trying to force her to commit suicide and she could not believe he is so weak emotionally, preeta exclaims if Nidhi does not say anything then Karan would be sent to prison so she holding her hands pleads with Nidhi to save her family and protect them, Preeta while crying requests Nidhi to wake up, the Inspector tells the reporters that Nidhi Luthra is still not conscious and they want to take her statement.

Nidhi slowly opens her eyes seeing which preeta gets delighted and asks if she is fine, Preeta runs out of the room telling the Inspector that Nidhi has regain consciousness, Inspector asks preeta to go outside and she leaves but Nidhi is emotional