Udaariyaan 22nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma gets bitten by a snake

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The Episode starts with Sukhi saying who knows, these meetings will get you both know each other well and get married. Armaan says congrats. Kabir says thanks, Aasma found the girl for me. Aasma says Alia is my only friend here. Alia thinks Armaan made me dance a lot, its my turn now. Sukhi says our friendship ended and we got a guy for your daughter. Ekam and Sukhi shake hands. Aasma asks Armaan to congratulate Alia. Sukhi thinks now Alia will leave my son. Aasma says no one can say no to Kabir. Armaan says I don’t think you should hurry. Alia says I didn’t say yes for marriage. Aasma says just know each other, you won’t be able to say no to him, tell him everything about your past, about Suraj. Alia nods. Aasma says Armaan and I never lied to each other, so our relation is going ahead beautifully. Armaan goes. He messages Alia. They meet on the roadside. They start arguing.

Aasma prays to Matarani. Armaan says I need few months to pass the exam. Alia says if you still love me, then you have 48 hours, leave the education, register your marriage, ask her to take you to Canada, else I will say yes for marrying Kabir.

Aasma gets the milk for Sukhi. He says you have fixed Kabir and Alia’s relation, Ekam and Nehmat were worried about her marriage. She says every parent worries for children, Armaan and I want to take Raja for his treatment, I have Canadian citizenship, I can fulfill Armaan’s dream. Sukhi worries. Someone sees Armaan and Alia. Alia says you have to do this, its your wish. He pulls her aside when a car speeds their way. Kabir stops the car and asks why did you get scared, I was not hitting you, how did you come here. Alia asks are you following me. Kabir says no, I have permission to meet you, I can invite you on date. Armaan says I was going to drop her home. Kabir says its my work, we will get some time together. She says yes, great idea, lets go. Alia signs Armaan. Alia and Kabir leave.

Kabir comes to Aasma. He asks what’s your secret mission. She says Armaan wants to go to Canada for Raja’s treatment, I want to surprise Armaan, you can’t barge into my room, I m married now, hope you understand, don’t hurt my family’s sentiments. Kabir starts the drama. She asks is your drama done, come. They go and pray.

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He asks since when do you know Alia. She says since I came to India. He asks when did you come, you need much time to know someone. She says sometimes a moment is enough to know someone. She thinks of Armaan and says I m lucky to get him. He says I will come along with you, if you fall, I will hold you. Armaan says I m there for that. She thinks wow, he is getting jealous. Armaan and Aasma come to the lakeside to get the flowers. He asks why are you doing this. Aasma says I like doing all this. Someone looks on and leaves a snake there. Armaan thinks to call Alia. Aasma says I can’t take help from anyone, you decorated the room yesterday. He says I didn’t do this. She says you are saying this so that I don’t do this. He says I m coming, my leg got stuck. She sees the snake coming. She shouts and pushes Armaan aside.

The snake bites Aasma. Armaan looks on shocked. Armaan checks her and says don’t close eyes. He worries. He lifts her and takes her to the road to take lift. He asks someone to help him. He puts Aasma on a moving cart. He says listen to me, don’t close eyes. He takes her on the cart. Aasma sees him.

They reach the hospital. Armaan asks doctor to save Aasma. Kabir comes there and shouts Aasma. He says this happened because of you, she is educated in Canada, she is doing this for a loser like you, you people can’t do good to her, its her big mistake to marry you, you don’t deserve her, you risked her life for your safety, if she gets fine, then what is her future with you, then some superstitions again, you will put her life in danger, its better she dies. Armaan shouts shut up, I will break your mouth if you say anything else. Kabir says you should have been there in her place, snake should have bitten you, not her. Armaan asks how do you know that a snake had bitten her.

The episode ends