Kundali Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Karan returns with Preeta to the Luthra Mansion


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Rocky warns he does not leave any of his work incomplete and tries to hit them but hearing the voice of the locals he runs away, Mohit asks the Inspector to follow Rocky while he himself goes to stop an auto.

Mahesh along with the entire Luthra family are anxiously waiting, Rishab comes down the stairs asking Mahesh why are everyone in silent mode when Mahesh says it is the waiting because the entire family is very excited and now they are not able to say anything while his brother is very troublesome as he has not even answered their call, and even his mother and Bua have not eaten anything while waiting for Preeta., Rishab asks if he has heard how they say that if they desire something by heart then the whole universe works to bring the person to them and it is exactly the same moment., Rishab says now not only this house but all the members including Garesh is waiting for Preeta je and they desires she should just return, the door bell rings when Bani Dadi gets up in excitement along with Rakhi waiting for Preeta, Rakhi stops Bani Dadi saying that she should not walk due to the injury on her feet. Kavya and Karina also come in excitement but sees Varun so they all greet him, however the family was not expecting him, Kavya says she forgot to tell them all that she even invited Varun, Rishab asks what was the need to tell them, Varun goes to take the blessings of Rishab, he says that Varun is a part of the family and they all feel nice when he is invited to any event, Varun greets with everyone and then sits beside Mahesh. Rishab says they feel as if Preeta je should come back and now even are waiting for Karan, he suggests that Karan should have called them had he not found Preeta, he wonders how can anyone be so irresponsible and even complains with his mother asking Mahesh to try and call Karan once again, Bani Dadi exclaims she just desires to see the face of Preeta, Karina asks her to not be worried as karan promised to bring her back and will surely return with her, Rishab agrees with Karina bua but says that Karan should have at least informed them, he even calls her as his fourth grade failed doctor.

Varun says that it is quarter to twelve when Rishab angrily says they also have watched, Rakhi asks Rishab what has happened to him but Rishab says that he is just saying they also know the time. Mahesh tells Rakhi that they also desire that Preeta should return on her birthday and they just were waiting on ten o clock but now it is quarter to twelve, Varun says he understands their feeling. Karina explains Kritika called and said that she will contact them at midnight and even return to the house tomorrow, Bani Dadi says they also did not know that Karan was telling the truth and felt it is just his imagination, Rakhi says her Karan is a bit innocent but actually very smart which is why he never says anything until he is sure that he will be able to fulfill it so she is sure Karan will return with Preeta. Kavya starts crying when Varun asks her to not do it again, Rakhi asks what has happened when Varun says she is guilty about why is she not able to remember her face even when she loves her mother a lot so now that she is going to finally meet her today then is really tensed, Rakhi asks Kavya to calm down because she is finally going to meet her mother today so a child should be very excited, Rishab goes to Kavya asking fi she knows how much her tears are worth, he sits beside her saying that she has lost her mind. Rishab asks if she knows how much her mother loved her, explaining Preeta could not let her get away from her even for a moment and would hold Kavya in one of her hand while work with her other hand. Rishab asks if Kavya has ever heard that a mother does not love her children so Kavya should not even think about it, he clams her down seeing which the entire family is moved. Kavya asks why was Preeta away from her for so many years if she loved her, Rakhi says that kavya is right to ask why Preeta was away from them but now that she is returning then they will even get the answer to this question.

Karan tells Preeta he has called the doctor and asked him to comes to the house, Karan explains he is finally taking Preeta to the house where everyone is eagerly waiting for her, while Rajveer is also a part of their family when Karan mentions he knows that Preeta considers Rajveer as her son. Karan finally decides to call Rajveer, Mohit is with Rajveer in the cab when he answers the call, Karna asks if Mohit found his mom when Mohit says they have found her but are going to tell Karan whenever they meet again so Karan gets excited and then ends the call. Karan once again turns to Preeta who is still unconscious, karan wonders how did Preeta get to that hill and why were the kidnappers trying to kill her, he is also curious about how both the aunt of Mohit and Preeta got kidnapped together, he thinks about finding the truth about it.

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Rishab along with the entire Luthra family is tensed when Rishab turns back so Mahesh asks where is he going, Rishab says to the terrace because they all are eagerly waiting for Karan to bring Preeta ji but he is not even answering their call, and the entire family has hope but when it shatters everything is ruined, Mahesh is also worried mentioning today the lakshmi of this house was about to return so he is also tensed and they both leave for the terrace. Kavya sits with Rakhi who asks her to not be worried as Karan will surely bring back Preeta. Kavya explains they really trusted papa that he will bring back her mom but he has really disappointed her, Rakhi tells Kavya that it is still not midnight and hope comes even in the slightest of the moment so they should never lose hope.

Varun gets a call so he stands up answering the call from his mother, he says he will leave after some time and reach the house, Varun goes to Kavya explaining that his mother is calling again and again so they are tensed and he will leave after midnight, he hopes that Kavya will understand.

Rishab comes running telling everyone that karan is bringing Preeta and they have seen him from upstairs so everyone should start the preparations, Mahesh says that Karan is bringing his daughter. Rakhi asks Garesh to bring the flowers since Preeta is returning to their house and she tells Bani Dadi that it feels as if there is Diwali in their house. Bani Dadi say that Karan fulfilled his promise so he is a very good nephew, the entire family picks the flower petals from the table while Mahesh also rushes down.

Karan walks to the entrance of the Luthra Mansion while holding Preeta in his arms, the entire family starts showering petals on him while Rishab is shocked to see Preeta je. Karan starts smiling and slowly starts walking into the Luthra Mansion, Varun is also smiling. Kavya not able to understand her feeling and Rishab is also very emotional, karan turns to look at Preeta who is still unconscious when Karina notices that Preeta is unconscious, hearing this the entire Luthra family is shocked.

Bani Dadi asks Karan what happened to her and even Rakhi asks why did she get unconscious when karan says he fulfilled his promise and brought back Preeta to this house but she is unconscious, bani Dadi asks how did it happen, karan says he will say it later but is now taking Preeta to the room, Nidhi enters the Luthra Mansion when she is shocked to see Karan taking Preeta in his arms to the room.

Rajveer asks Mohit to quickly bring her, Shristhi is unconscious on the stretcher when Rajveer says it is in emergency so the doctor instructs them to take her to the ICU.

Rocky calls Nidhi when she asks why is he calling her again and again because they do not have any relation, Rocky asks how did Nidhi feel after trying to kill Shristhi, Nidhi explains she had killed her but Rocky replies Nidhi is not Bhagwan because her son Rajveer came and took her to the hospital hearing this Nidhi gets shocked, Rocky once again explains that Rajveer has admitted Shristhi to the hospital so she can come and check it, Rocky says that he is not going to do anything now because he fulfilled his contract and does not have anything to lose, Nidhi on the other hand might lose a lot however he is just going to stay here for one hour after which he will leave, Rocky also stands in the corner of the hall.

Nidhi gets tensed wondering why is Rocky not answering his call and she wonders how did Shristhi escape from the location, she remembers how she had locked her in the warehouse after burning it, Nidhi exclaims that Shristhi knows the entire truth and that she is behind everything so would have told Rajveer the entire truth, what is she going to do so she has to kill her and get rid of the problem named as Shristhi, Nidhi exclaims she will take care of Preeta later but now has to get rid of Shristhi.

Karan takes Preeta to the room while Rakhi asks what happened to her and how did she get unconscious, kavya is also standing at the door trying to remember her mother, Rakhi asks Preeta to open her eyes when Karan says it will take her some time to wake up, Rakhi asks how did it happen when karan assures that he will tell her everything later but she should go down and he will surely bring Preeta with himself, Rakhi is glad that her Preeta came back to their house so she is very grateful, Kavya is emotional.