Radha Mohan 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha manages to get past the security clearance at the airport


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Gungun is walking towards the ice cream parlor when she unknowingly hits Bunty who falls down, Gungun is shocked to see him at the airport and questions what is he doing here, Bunty quickly wears his glasses and hat but leaves refusing to accept that she is Bunty, Radha stops Gungun asking who was she talking to when Gungun replies she was talking to Bunty however they both do not believe her, Mohan says that she was really attached to Bunty as she was even playing with Bunty, Kadambari comes asking what are they doing here since they even have to go through the security check, Radha is with Gungun when she asks why was papa saying to her that she was playing with Bunty, Radha asks if she was not playing with him yesterday night hearing which Gungun refuses to Radha is shocked. There is an announcement that flight number 17820z is about to take off, hearing this Radha immediately starts wondering why does this number seems familiar, Gungun says that it is the flight number when Radha remembers she saw the number on the chit that fell from the pocket of Bunty and he said it was an account number so Gungun asks how can they both be the same, Radha is still tensed and so asks Gungun to come with her, they both leave, Bunty comes from behind informing his accomplices that Radha is very suspicious and she might not sit on the flight which would ruin the entire plan. Radha is still thinking about how Bunty mentioned Dulari sent him to work and suggests she might have forgotten in hurry while he kept acting suspicious. Mohan asks Radha what is she doing as the boarding has started so she should scan the bag, Radha places the bag on the scanner while the accomplice says they would be sure when the bag passes without any objection. Radha is still tensed.

Ketki is reading the magazine when Ajeet comes with a smile bringing the fruits for her, she takes the plate in her hands while Ajeet gets close to her, she asks what has happened when he informs that she is getting more beautiful day by day, Ketki mentions he is really romantic but what is the use of it since they are about to have a child when Ajeet asks if they cannot romance after being parents. Ketki is stunned hearing the voice from upstairs, Vishwaniyat immediately runs into the room which shocks both Ajeet and Ketki, he asks if they have heard any sound. Ketki replies from upstairs so Ajeet says that no one goes there, explaining how they say that a room that is vacant gets possessed, Tulsi thinks that she is here then what is causing the noise so she decides to go and check for herself, she is shocked to see Rahul and Dulari who are trapped in the room, she calls Ketki and Ajeet to come quickly while wondering what should she do.

Viswnaiyat is walking up the stairs with ketki and Ajeet, ketki asks Ajeet to go first but he refuses when Vishwaniyat questions who would go other then him, Ajeet says that he is really scared, Vishwaniyat also refuses explaining that someone said to him in his youth that he would die by a ghost so it is that they both should leave and the three of them walk away. Tulsi explains they Dulari and Rahul are trapped here but she thinks she should do something by herself even if it means revealing her identity in front for everyone, Dulari is shocked wondering how did the ropes untie by themselves so she starts getting scared, Rahul signals her to also help him, Dulari says there is a ghost but Rahul replies it would have opened due to them both struggling, Rahul and Dulari start banging the door demanding that they should open it, Ketki runs back saying it is the voice of Rahul and they open the door, Ajeet asks what were they both doing here, ketki is shocked seeing Dulari.

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Radha is walking while the terrorist pray that the bag should pass just once as then their mission would be completed, but the scanner starts making a noise hearing which the three of them get tensed while the security officer stops Radha from picking her bag, he asks her to open the bag. Radha agrees to the instruction of the police officer and she opens the bag, Mohan also walks close to her and even the Mahant jee comes, Radha takes out the Murti of Ba Kai Bihari jee, the official says that Radha cannot this with her hearing which Radha is shocked asking why can she not take it, even when she knows the Murti is made of metal but she does not go anywhere without it. The official informs that it is not allowed, Mahant jee also requests them to let Radha take it since it is not a weapon advising that the official should be proud as there are still some people in this country who respect their religion, the official once again goes to check on the computer. Mohan laso requests him while Radha is still holding the Murti. The official returns allowing Radha to take the Murti with her, hearing this Radha starts smiling and is joyed, the terrorists take a deep breath as their plan has not failed, the official replies that this is a special case because Radha has won the competition in Maldives, Radha is excited and she picks the bag asking Ba Kai Bihari jee to come with her, Bunty says that Mr X was right as there could not have been anyone other then Radha as along with Ba Kai Bihari jee even their parcel is in the plane.

Radha is walking instructing Gungun who quickly takes the window seat when the hostess comes asking if they can shit her bag to the front as this section is full Radha requests them to be a little careful so the hostess leaves. Radha takes her seat when she notices how Mohan jee is helping the l couple informing that this is their seat, Mohan asks why is he travelling with the old lady who is very ill, he replies he is taking her to America for her treatment and this is the first time they are travelling on a plane. Mohan asks him to not be worried since he is seating on 11 f.

Mahant jee while sitting on his seat starts chanting the verses when the Muslim scholar comes to sit beside him so Mahant jee wonders why did he get seated next to a Muslim.

Bunty enters the plane along with his accomplice who starts searching for Radha.

Radha asks Mohan to see how it is called true love as uncle is still worried for his wife and taking her to America, she asks if he would also support her like this in their old age and love her in the same manner, Mohan says she is old as he is still very young but Radha replies she might have to explain it to him as he is very old while she is still young and he would age must faster, the air hostess starts the instructions on how to tie the seat belt, Kadambari helps Gungun informing Ramaa she is very excited about their travel, the terrorist says that these people do not even know about the destruction that is about to happen in this airplane, he starts smiling.