Radha Mohan 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: The plane departs for America


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The announcement starts in the airplane where the passengers are instructed to tightly set their belts. The terrorist explains that these people do not even know the amount of disaster is about to happen in this airplane.

Radha asks Mohan jee to help her when he says he taught her while going to Maldives, Mohan is not able to close the seat belt and explains that she has gotten a bit fat but Radha says she is not fat at all so he should d it just like this. Radha angrily explains that he is a lot older then her and so would even age before her but Mohan says that they only get old from their mind so he is still pretty young while Radha was born old hearing this Radha says she is the one who made the mistake as Mohan jee is still a child who cannot even do anything by himself who would take a lot of time to get mature, she furiously sits calling him old. Kadambari and Gungun start smiling while Bunty is with his accomplice waiting for their plan to start.

Ajeet asks Dulari to say what has happened, she informs how she came to the front gate but was kidnapped and bound by ropes while then she saw them preparing the bomb and hiding it in the bag of Radha, Mr X exclaimed that this Diwali the entire country would burn. Rahul mentions they are very dangerous so they all should prevent Mohan bhai along with the entire family to not board the flight. Vishwaniyat asks Rahul to call Mohan so he starts dialing the number, Mohan sees the call of Rahul and exclaims that he first makes a mistake and then calls to apologize, Mohan requests to just talk for a moment when the air hostess stops him, saying if he does it then what would the kids learn when Mohan asks why is she involving children in it al. Radha stops Mohan explaining that they have to obey the rules of the airplane, Ketki while getting emotional asks Rahul to call Radha, so he dials her contract. Radha also places the phone back without answering it as the air hostess is standing in front of her. Rahul then tries contacting Kadambari but she also refuses to attend the call, seeing which Bunty and his accomplice start smiling.

They announce that the flight is ready to take off so Radha even straps Ba kai Bihari jee on the seat and then starts reciting a prayer, she even asks Gungun to recite it with her. Mohan asks what does it mean when Radha explained that when Ram jee was returning then at that moment he said the same verse so the people say that after reciting it the plane would not suffer any problem. The accomplice wearing the disguise of a steward asks if he needs anything when he says these people do not have any idea about he problem that this airplane is about to suffer which will shock the entire nation.

The Mahant agrees with Radha mentioning hearing which Mohan is amazed saying Radha has the solution to all the problems and no one can beat her in it, Radha replies this is why they both are going to spread the message of Bhagwat Geeta, Mohan asks why is she excited because this was in Ramayana when Radha relies she has even read it so can she say it to him but Mohan starts joking. Radha picking the phone exclaims it would have been very good had they talked with her family but it is nothing to be worried about as they would just call the entire family.

Ketki gets tensed explaining their entire family is on that plane and what would happen if there is a blast, ketki starts getting dizzy when Ajeet informs her entire body has gotten cold, Rahul also sits beside her when Dulari requests Vishwaniyat to quickly call the doctor as it is not good for her in the early stages of her pregnancy, Ajeet requests Ketki to not be tensed as he is promising her that their entire family would be safe but she must clam down, they all are worried.

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Kadambari sitting in the plane notices the pregnant women so informs that it is not good to travel e full term pregnancy but the lady says that it is just her fifth month while even her husband says that she is a bit healthy. Radha also calls her but Mohan stops Radha mentioning that it is their personal matter. He explains that it is a norm as a lot of couples go to give birth in America as then their children get the nationality when Radha asks why do people do it since they leave such a nice nation like India, Mohan stops her saying that it is their life so why is Radha bothered by it saying not everyone is patriotic towards their nation. The lady exclaims that she is never going to come back to India so Mohan asks Radha to see it, but Radha gets furious by it and even asks Mohan to not talk to her.

Bunty is constantly looking at Gungun and he informs that he was seen by Gungun in the airplane and if she sees them before their plan starts then it would ruin everything. The accomplice leaves to arrange the weapons.

Ketki is very stressed while they all try to calm her down saying that nothing of the sort will happen when Vishwaniyat even calls the police station informing the Inspector that there is a bomb on the flight but the inspector thinks of it as a joke and suggests that Vishwaniyat should drink it since it is a criminal offense to spread such fake news. Vishwaniyat once again tries to call the police station but then they do not answer it, Vishwaniyat says how can they believe that they are spreading a fake news.

Mahant jee calls the air hostess requesting for another seat but the air hostess says that all the seats in the economy class are full while some seats are vacant in the business class, the Muslim scholar gets up requesting the air hostess to take him there but she replies it will cost him extra fifty thousand hearing which he sits back at his seat while even the Mahant gets uncomfortable. Radha starts smiling mentioning now the money would not be wasted.

A girl requests for some water, the mother tries calling the air hostess but she does not listen at all so after a while the mother get up saying she will bring the water herself when the other air hostess comes back along with the steward who agrees to bring water for her.

Mohan turns back noticing the romantic couple who are bothered because there is a gap in the seat and so the girl gets nervous when Mohan asks Radha if she is learning anything. Mohan then holds her hand just like the couple and ties to kneel against it, he says that when the hands are small then they should put it from the other side. Radha gets furious so removes her hand when she asks what is he doing when he replies he is being romantic, Radha asks him to be careful about where they are since it is not a place to be romantic. Mohan says he will come back after stretching for a bit, he stops while walking and greets Mr Aman singh who is a retired air force pilot, Mohan says that he should sit here calmly without any problem when Mr Aman singh says that he has flown so many military planes that being seated in a commercial plan also feels as if he is in the cockpit since it is their duty. Mohan leaves saying it was a pleasure meeting him, he removes the curtains from the end due to which the person gets shocked as he is still holding the gun in his hand. Mohan starts staring at him.