Kundali Bhagya 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shanaya and Shaurya get in an argument

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Amy entering the room tells Sandy that it is very strange because of the way the girl was looking and he thought she was flat on him but the girl was actually looking at Sandy, Amy asks what does Sandy and Shaurya do that they get all the girls, Sandy says that it is not like that because when Shaurya rejects the girls then they come to him. Amy says Sandy should also reject some girls which should come to him, Sandy explains that he has started liking them when at first wanted to take them to his room but now has twenty girl who are his friends, they both are laughing when Rjaveer rushes into the room questioning if Sandy has his phone because there are criminals downstairs who are robbing everyone but Sandy does not believe him however Rajveer asks him to not behave like Shaurya so Sandy gives his phone, Rajveer returns it mentioning it does not have any network.

Shanaya is walking thinking about how Shaurya was with the girl in the room and she even fought with him, Daljeet comes asking what has happened but Shanaya replies that it is nothing of the sort when Daljeet says she knows Shanaya has some problem, she explains that Shanaya caught Shaurya with that girl, Shanaya explains she got really frustrated when Daljeet says this is why she asked her to have some water but Shanaya replies that she really scolded the girl but is just worried what would Shaurya do now, Daljeet sees Shaurya and tells Shanaya that he is looking really handsome, Shanaya asks her mother how is he looking when Daljeet seeing the opportunity runs away, Shaurya asks Shanaya what was all that she said in the room, Shanaya tries to act as if she does not know anything, Shaurya asks why did she say that she is is fiance when they are not engaged, Shanaya replies she was just trying to protect him because the girl was not of his type, Shaurya says that he is the one who took the girl there as he wanted to spend some quality time with her and does not need the protection of anyone, he says he has said it a lot of times that they cannot be together forever, he demands she should apologize but then says that what is the point of it all, he leaves warning her to never disturb him with any girl in the future. Karina comes to Shanaya asking if something happened but Shanaya says that nothing has happened when Karina asks then why is he angry with her, Shanaya replies that she even likes when Shaurya scolds him but it is just that she stopped him from doing something which he did not like, Karina questions what did she stop him from so she says that he was asking her to quickly impress Badi mom so that they all force Shaurya to get them both married quickly but she knows they all know it, Shanaya explains that Karina knows how Shaurya is very egoistic and he would never accept that he likes her, Karina replies she knows Shaurya very well and he will never accept he likes her, but explains Shaurya gets angry very quickly so Shanaya would have to learn how to handle it all, she explains that there are a lot of problems in the start but after awhile when they both would get used to the liking of each other, Karina explains how she feels they should announce their wedding, Shanaya leaves mentioning she will come back after a while and thinks that Shaurya should not have insulted her as she wants to get married to him and would do anything she desires to get married to him.

The boss is walking with his accomplices trying to find a way to get out when they wonder if they are not going to steal this house, the boss says that he was just joking because this house is a Mansion. Rajveer comes from behind with Sandy and Amy who inform him that he was mistaken since they are not criminals and just needed a place to stay but would leave now. The boss stops everyone asking why were their plans so weak when one of them says that he himself said that they have not come here for stealing, the boss is glad he is their leader otherwise they would never have done anything big because not even one of them insisted that they should steal from this house, they all leave.

Karan is standing when Kavya comes to him, she asks what is he searching for when he replies her mother, Kavya insists to meet her mother when karan asks her to not cry otherwise he would also start crying, Kavya replies that he knows this was her dream since her childhood to stay with her mother and sleep on her lap and now when her dream will be fulfilled she will get emotional. Karan explains now her dream will be fulfilled so she can hug her mother all that she desires but she should not cry, Kavya asks if her mother still loves her the same and would she like her now, Karan asks what sort of question is this when kavya explains she would have doubts because her mother left when she was so young and her mother never tried to get back in touch with her, so this is why she thought if her mother still loves her the same as before. Kavya explains she just wants her presence and with that a little bit of love. Karan once again asks her to not cry at all explaining her mother loves her a lot, assuring she would find out that her mother loves Kavya more then herself as this is how Preeta is like. Karan explains that even he does not know why she left them but now they have found Preeta however have no idea what had happened to her so her mother really loves her. Rishab and Rakhi come when Rishab says he did not want to disturb the father and daughter, kavya replies they were just talking when Rakhi asks her the reason for crying, Kavya replies she just got tears as she was remembering her mother. Rakhi explains she will complain to Preeta that her daughter is a cry baby, she asks Kavya to come and help her as there is some work left, Rakhi and Kavya leave.

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Rishab asks Karan if he wants to lie or tell the truth, Rishab questions if Karan has fought with Preeta je when he refuses, Rishab explains that she came to meet them all in their own house but left without meeting anyone so what could have happened, karan says he is also thinking the same thing that she came to meet him but left without meeting anyone.

The boss advises one of his partners to lock all of the doors of this house and keep the keys with himself, he even asks Romy to arrange the ropes as they are the most dreadful weapons finally he asks Bablu if he has a gun who says that he has two guns when the boss exclaims now they are going to celebrate Diwali and loot this house.

Daljeet is making selfies when Shanaya comes so Daljeet asks what will happen when Shanaya informs he is very furious with her and she does not know what is going on happen, Daljeet explains she feels she would have to cancel the kitty party as she thought of telling all her friends about the marriage of Shanaya, Daljeet questions what was the need to insult that girl when Shanaya asks her to stop as she herself asked her to go and stop the girl from making any sort of relation with Shaurya. Daljeet sits down exclaiming she feels she would have to wash the dishes when Shanaya stops her informing that the mother of Shaurya and he are just bothered by her class while the boys of today are just interested in having physical relations with a girl. Shanaya explains that she is surely going to get married to Shaurya and he has given her a second chance, because she has worked a lot to make her presence in the life of Shaurya and the Luthra’s, because she is going to do even what she had not planned before. Daljeet asks how is Shanaya going to do it all when Shanaya replies that Badi mom will do it all, she will love her to the extent that she will fight even the entire family for her.

Karina asks Rakhi if a lot of media personal have come to their celebration when Rakhi replies that she is going to announce the wedding of Palki and Rajveer, while Shaurya and Shanaya so hearing this Shanaya thinks that everything is going according to her plan and she will make sure that they all love her a lot. Kavya comes asking Rajveer where is Varun, he turns to look for Varun but then leaves after seeing Gurpreet and Mohit, Rajveer asks where is Preeta ma when Gurpreet replies she asked her to go and be with Shristhi because she can still listen to everything even when she is in a coma. Rajveer says that even they all should leave for the hospital after meeting everyone.

Shanaya goes to the Luthra family were she tells them that she got in an argument with Shaurya and he would also get mad with them assuring she never wanted to ruin his mood. Rakhi asks Shanaya why is she crying because Shaurya is short tempered but the good thing is that he also calms down quickly so Shanaya must not take anything seriously, Rakhi asks why is she crying when Shanaya explains she lied to them all that she does not love him but now if he refuses then it would ruin everything for her. Rakhi explains she has even called a lot of media to announce the wedding of Shanaya and Shaurya, and even palki and Rjaveer. Shanaya hugs everyone when Daljeet is glad with the acting of her daughter.

Shaurya angrily tells Sandy and Amy that Shanaya followed him to his room and made a big mistake, Karan asks what did she do, he gets furious explaining that everyone should be happy but Shaurya is furious. Mahesh informs that Shaurya is the son of Karan and just behaves like him but Shaurya tries to leave mentioning he has to make a blast, they all get stunned hearing the sound of a bullet and then rush to the family. Rajveer angrily looks at Sandy thinking how did he not believe himself when he heard the criminals talking. The boss walks down informing they do not need anything which would cause them tension, he explains they have just ran from the prison after being there for nine years, he turns to Rishab saying he is going to talk with him mentioning Rishab suspected that they met somewhere before and he is right, Karan is shocked hearing it.