Radha Mohan 11th November 2023 Written Episode Update: The Trivedi’s leave for the airport


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Bunty exclaims this bag belongs to Ba Kai Bihari jee of Radha and now would be the reason for their destruction, Bunty turns back and is shocked to see Mohan standing there, he asks what was he saying to himself so Bunty starts getting tensed, Mohan asks if he is making fun of the religious obligations of his wife, so tells that Ba Kai Bihari jee is sleeping and now he should leave so they can also sleep. Radha also asks Mohan why was he scolding Bunty, he replies that ever since she came people have stopped getting scared of him and Dulari used to shake before him. Radha replies that she never used to get scared in front of him, Radha asks Mohan if she should call Shalu, he remember how she would causes the hands of Radha to turn backwards and then he got scared. Radha says a lot of days have passed but Mohan explains that they should sleep, Radha says that Shalu is coming when Mohan mentions even he is coming so he hugs her. Bunty is outside the room saying Mohan sacred him but he would actually find it tomorrow during the flight when it would be the last flight of him and his family.

Dulari is sitting wondering what can she do as the happiness came back to her family after such a long time then who caused this to happen, she prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee for help.

In the morning Ketki is taking the photos of Gungun when Mohan suggests to kadambari how he thinks they can take Gungun to Disneyland. Radha mentions that she has made food for everyone, hearing this everyone gets amazed at her when kadambari tells her that she got the food during her flight to the Maldives, Radha replies what if they get vegetarian options so Kadmabari informs that they would indeed get all the options. Radha says Mohan should have told her earlier as now this all would go to waste but Mohan replies they can eat it all so nothing would be wasted. Bunty comes crying when Kadambari asks what has happened, he explains that he just found out his mother is ill so he has to go back home, Kadmabari asks how can he leave since they all are leaving and even ketki is pregnant so who would take care off her, Radha stops Kadambari explaining that it relates to his mother so she asks if he can send anyone for replacement, Bunty replies that he is new in this city and does not know anyone., Ajeet assures that he can take care of everything since Ketki has made him do a lot of work, ketki gets worried. Vishwaniyat also advises Kadambari to not be worried and go to America so kadambari informs that Bunty can go to take care of his mother, he turns back saying he is going to take all of his belongings and return.

Rahul is still unconscious while Dulari rays that he should wake up otherwise if it does not happen then a lot of bad things would happen to the family.

Mohan is placing the luggage in the car when Ajeet even takes the bag of Ba Kai Bihari jee from Radha, Kadambari asks if they are still placing the bags in the car since it is time for the flight, Mohan says that he was also saying this to them, Gungun informs she would sit on the window seat and travel while seeing the clouds, Radha explains she wants to sit in the middle seat.Dulari is still trying to get near to Rahul so she can wake him u when Rahul suddenly opens his eyes , he turns to see Dulari is also trapped here so after hearing the laughs of his family members thinks he has to stop them before leaving Rahul starts trying his best to remove the ropes from around is feet and using one of his leg lifts the blinds. Mohan while standing beside the car starts feeling something strange so gets a bit suspicious. Rahul is still trying when Ketki hands Mohan the shopping list asking him to bring it, he asks if he can see the list so checking it gets amazed as it is very long but promises to bring it. Ketki asks them to come back quickly otherwise they would not be happy.

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Rahul is still trying to give them a sign, Mohan promises to come back quickly while saying that Ketki should send him anything else that she wants, Vishwaniyat is standing when Kadmabari asks him to take care of himself and take both of his medicines on time, Vishwaniyat promises that he would take care of himself and she should leave without any trouble. Kadambari sits in the car with Gungun. Radha also meets with ketki, Vishwaniyat and Ajeet Bhai but just as she is about to get in the car she also notices the signal from the room and wonders why did she feel that there is someone in the room. Mohan notices Radha so asks her to sit quickly otherwise they would have to stay here if they miss the flight but Radha sits quickly so they leave.

Rahul is very worried wondering what would happen as they all left.

Bunty calls his accomplice informing them that everyone has left for the airport and so they would also meet there.

Mohan enters the airport with everyone when Gungun explains they would first go to the statue of liberty and then even visit a lot of to her places but Mohan asks them to hurry up otherwise he would have to take er on this trolley around the airport. Mohan even sees the Mahant jee who informs that they both are travelling on the same flight so they all rush in the airport.

Mohan is standing in the line when the employee says that his luggage is over weight when the person asks what should he do now so she tells him that since he is an EX air force e personal so he would not be over charged, Mohan says that they risk their lives for their country then should surely get the advantage. Gungun turns back after seeing an old couple when the lady starts coughing so they ask her if she is fine when her husband says that she cannot even stand properly for a long time. Gungun asks Ramaa to make them get through the luggage first as they are senior citizen so they should go quickly. Mahant jee comes saying that they would meet Mohan jee in the airplane, he sees the Muslim so gets furious and explains that he would now have to clean the airplane, Mohan however sees the other person standing there but gets worried when Mahant jee leaves angrily.

The accomplice turns on his ear phones and contact the other three of his partners asking where are they, Bunty questions him about the fourth one when he says that their partner has already processed his luggage, Gungun sees the ice cream banner so requests to have it, Radha asks her to come but she leaves saying she is old enough so starts going towards it, she accidentally bumps into Bunty who falls on the floor, Gungun is shocked seeing him while he gets furious.