Neerja 11th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Neerja 11th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News – Abeer fights with Sheikh for Neerja

Abeer walks in and shocked to see Neerja unconscious. Sheikh says he has no idea what is wrong, everytime I try to get close to her something happens to her. Sheikh leaves neerja. Neerja about to fall. Abeer picks her up and says she needs to go to the hospital and takes her. Sheikh lies down on his bed.

Abeer takes Neerja in his car. Neerja keeps murmuring this is wrong don’t do this. Abeer gets Neerja to the hospital. Doctor tells Abeer, looks like the patient is allergic to seafood and she needs to be transferred to Kolkata. Her health is at risk. Abeer asks the doctor to arrange an ambulance. Sheikh walks in and says to the doctor who are you to make the decision for her, I am her husband, I will take her back to the hospital. Doctor says to Sheikh, Neerja is in critical condition. Sheikh says I will decide what she should do, I will give whatever she wants and I am going to take her to the hotel. Abeer stops Sheikh. Sheikh asks Abeer to stay out, he will make decision for Neerja, she is his property. Abeer says to him, she is not your slave and pushes Sheikh. Sheikh hurts his head. Abeer asks doctor to help Sheikh and arrange ambulance for Neerja. 

Kaushik drinking  tells Munmun that he’s about to finalize a 1.5 crore deal today. Munmun expresses her happiness for him. Sheikh calls Kaushik and narrates what happened, shouting in anger. Meanwhile, Abeer is worried about Neerja and rushes her to the hospital in an ambulance. He reflects on their moments together, wondering why this is happening. He realizes it’s not happening according to Neerja’s wishes. He is confused about who she really is – sometimes he thinks she’s after money, and other times she risks her life to save others. He doesn’t know if he loves her more or hates her more, and the uncertainty is eating him up.

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Kaushik creates a scene at home, claiming Neerja is causing problems in their lives. He blames her for the mess in his life. Moushmi questions Neerja’s involvement, and Kaushik reveals that Abeer stood up to Sheikh for Neerja. Kaushik, dreaming of Trisha and Abeer’s wedding, is frustrated that Abeer is focused on Neerja.

Moushmi reminds Kaushik of his promise to marry Trisha, but Kaushik insists on ruining everything for Neerja’s sake. Moushmi advises Trisha to return home, but Trisha reveals Abeer and Neerja have left the hotel. Trisha checks the room, finds it empty, and shouts in frustration.

Abeer, in the ambulance, questions the delay and discovers a car blocking their way. Abeer scolds the people in the car for not turning off their headlights. He learns Didun is there and is surprised. Abeer asks her why she’s there, but Didun insists on taking Neerja back. Abeer refuses, stating Neerja’s deteriorating health. Didun remains determined to take Neerja with her, and Abeer asserts that no one can touch her when he’s around. Didun hints at wanting to die voluntarily, asking the goons to attack Abeer. He fights with them, and when a goon is about to stab him, Neerja arrives. Abeer tells her his life is in danger, and she urges him to stop coming after her. Neerja lies to Didun, claiming Abeer made her unconscious and tried to abduct her.

Pre cap: Abeer introduces Trisha as Mr.trisha Abeer bagchi to Neerja.
Neerja swears that she will get back the right to be called as Mr.Abeer Bagchi and change the fate of Sonagachi.