Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 11th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Suraj decides to take revenge from Kesar

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 11th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kesar telling Suraj that she spent a night with a guy in the jungle and you got doubtful on my character. She says if I go out for business and meet any guy, then you will doubt on my character again and again, and I have to give proof of my character purity. She says I have to give you character certificate everytime I step out of the house. She asks himto think if Riddhi or Dhruvi’s would be husband do this, then how he will feel? Suraj shouts Kesar. Kabir asks Doctor if Bachchan is fine. Doctor tells that they have done brain surgery and tried to treat him, but he went in coma. He says your friend might not open his eyes again. Kabir asks Doctor to do something. Doctor says you have to keep him alive using machines and needs crores for that, maybe he will get fine. His friend asks from where we will get money? Kabir tells that they will loot the bank.

Suraj tells Kesar that his sisters will never do such a thing. Kesar says I will tell you everything, and tells everything whatever happened. She tells that they were running in the jungle to get saved from goons, and then Masu came there and snake had bitten Kabir, and then Queen came there, when Kabir aimed gun at Queen, then I called Commissioner. She calls Kabir. Kabir is hesitant to pick the call, but picks the call. Kesar asks him to tell whatever happened in jungle. Kabir asks Suraj if he has gone mad to doubt Kesar and tells everything. He says Kaki knows whatever happened and tells that Kesar used to trust you a lot and was proud of you. He ends the call and gets angry on Suraj. Suraj looks on. Kesar hugs Ambika and cries. Ambika says I have no words to say, how I am feeling now. She holds Kesar’s hand and is taking her from there. Suraj holds Kesar’s hand and says I am so sorry. Kesar brushes off his hand. Suraj says I was afraid to lose you, and tells that when the reports came in the media, he lost his mind and tells that he used to feel right on her due to Maa’s swear, but then he started liking her. He says he was afraid to lose her and asks her to talk to him and say nasty things whatever she wants. Kesar goes to the room.

Jayati says Suraj has crossed all limits. Jinal tells that she never thought that this generation will show the manhood, but she was wrong. Hetal says I had done wrong, but never thought that Suraj will have wrong thoughts. Baa says today it is an insult of all women. Jayati asks if Kesar will forgive him. Suraj asks Kesar to forgive him. kesar closes the door. She goes to washroom and recalls his hurtful words, and asks Ambe Maa, why she is taking her test. She says the relation who shall support her, has broken my heart and my self respect.

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Ambika blames herself for keeping Suraj away from her, and that’s why he didn’t have good values. Baa says it is not your mistake, I had told you. Ambika says I let him go to that environment which was modern and had progressive thoughts. Baa says that’s why he didn’t get good values. Suraj comes to his room and thinks Ambika slapped him because of Kesar. He thinks to take revenge from her.

Jinal, Jayati and Hetal come to Kesar’s room. Kesar opens the door. Jayati says Kesar…forgive us, we have light this fire. Hetal says I had sow seed of doubt in Suraj’s mind. Kesar says it is not yours mistake. She says nobody can force anyone, if he don’t want t accept, and asks her not to blame herself, says you are changed now. Servant comes there and says Suraj.

Kabir asks his friend to wear the mask, as they will loot the bank. He says he shall not leave fingerprints and asks him to wear the gloves. They see Policeman catching the thief and telling that he will be jailed for 5 years. Kabir’s friend asks what will be the jail term? Kabir says I will go then? His friend asks who will take care of Bachchan if we go to jail. Inspector sees them and they run away from there.

Suraj puts the coal in the hall, then pours kerosene oil on it, and lights it. He stands on the burning coal. Everyone comes there and watches him. Suraj acts and tells that Kesar was right that even he shall give agnipariksha, and says he has stained her dupatta. He says he don’t deserve her forgiveness, but this is the only way to do penance. Jinal and Hetal ask Kesar to say something else his feet will be burnt.

Precap: Kesar tells Suraj that penance is more necessary than repentance, as you can repent for a moment, but penance takes full life sometimes. She says I never wanted you to do penance. Suraj says if you don’t forgive me then I will not get peace.