Radha Mohan 11th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Radha and Mohan renew their wedding vows in the Mandir

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Radha lights the Agni in front of Mohan who asks if it is necessary, Radha replies it is up to him and if he does not want to do it then must go back with the Mangal Sutur even when it is her right but if he cannot give her this right then she is going to spend her entire life after thinking of the moments they spent together but she is not going to beg for love from him.

Tulsi while driving mentions how she is aware what Radha is doing but no one can snatch her Mohan from her and the game that Radha has started is going to end in her favor, she panics for a moment and then exclaims that she is going to kill Radha.

Mohan turns towards the Mandir and has a smile on his face, he sees the Chunri placed in the Mandir so walking towards it, he holds both of his hands together to pray, Mohan picks up the Chunri while Radha is just looking at him, he comes to her and then covers Radha with it while she just keeps looking at him. Mohan asks now what, she says then he has to swear on this Agni and fulfill the ritual of circling with her and even give her the vows of the marriage but those that she will demand from him and does he accept it.

Gungun is laughing explaining she knew her Ramaa and papa will end their argument so she prays she should also be present there as Rama ends everything, Ketki asks Gungun what is Radha going to do but Gungun stays quiet and even Ajeet asks who will she tell if not them, Rahul also demands while Ketki says she should say it, Gungun reveals both Ramaa and papa are going to marry again, Ajeet gets excited however Kaveri is shocked along with kadambari who says Tulsi has gone where they both ar getting married. Ketki wonders what is Radha doing asking if she does not know how the condition o Tulsi Bhabhi is not good, Rahul says Radha will never listen when kaveri says this was the real plan of Radha asking if Tulsi saw the marriage of Radha and Mohan then what would happen, saying Tulsi would die hearing which Gungun is shocked while even Kadambari is left baffled, Kaveri says this was the real purpose of Radha. Gungun tells Kaveri to not say wrong of her Ramaa as she is very nice, Kaveri says that only time will tell who is right and Gungun would have to decide if she wants her Ramaa or the real Tulsi maa and even she will see who does Gungun choose, hearing this Gungun gets furious while Ketki is worried and sitting down on the couch thinks Radha is going to marry Mohan bhai in the Mandir while Tulsi Bhabhi will see it all from her eyes then who knows what will happen.

Mohan says he will take seven hundred circles with her having a smile on his face and he accepts even if he has to give seven hundred vows, Radha asks him to think again as Raja Dashrat had to give only two vows after which his entire life was ruined, Mohan says that she is his Radha and even if she does anything wrong with him then it would also have something beneficial for him. Radha raises her hand forward, Mohan holds her hand with a smile on his face, Radha says the first vow is that there is the need of trust in any relation and this is why their relation would have trust and no distrust while Mohan jee is always going to give her a chance to tell her opinion and never lose his trust on her. Mohan remembers the vow that he made during their first marriage when he vowed to do the things which scare her, Mohan promises that he will trust her more then his own self, Radha explains the second vow is that just as their love and conversation are in their room then he would even talk with her if they get in a fight but not humiliate her in front of anyone else and she also vows to not let him suffer in front of anyone even when they get in a fight, Mohan again recalls when he said he would not give her the right of a wife, so Mohan vows to her when Radha says the third vow, which is that the vows which he gave her during their wedding, then she got the right to his life which he would not give to anyone.

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Mohan looks at her in shock when Radha walks to stand on the other side with tears in her eyes, she once again asks him to give his other hand which Mohan gives in her hand, she says he would always keep her in his life, she asks if he knows why does a wife stay in the left side of her husband, it is because they are close to the heart while the right hand is for strength and the left hand is of love which is the meaning of a wife, she asks Mohan if he would always keep her on the left side. Mohan thinks when he vowed to give her every chance to resent this wedding and she would not be happy from it, Mohan vows to always keep her on his left side, Radha then says the fourth vow is that she was not his first love but has accepted it with dignity but she is going to be his last love, he has given her the room however she will be the one in his heart, she asks Mohan to say but stops him before he can say anything else, she says they have sympathy for a lot of people but only love a single person so he should think of it, Mohan once again thinks when he vowed to do what scares her the most however he vows to only have her name in his heart and mind. Radha says the fifth vow is that no matter how big the thing is, he will never hide anything from her and there is not going to be any secret between them both but only truth will prevail and not suspicion. Mohan vows to her so Radha says the sixth vow is that when she married him then she did not have a mother but he gave her an entire family, a daughter along with a father and two brothers and even a father while sister, Mohan says she forgot Maa.

Radha remembers when kadambari revealed that she thought Vishwaniyat was her ticket to become rich and she only took control of the business knowing that she will get control of it. Radha says he gave her an entire family but should vow to never snatch it from her, he thinks when he vowed to give her a lot of pain. Mohan holds her hand to vow that he would not take the family from her, Radha says now it is the seventh and last vow, she says Mohan would always stay with Radha and hold her hand, as Radha Mohan will never become two words rather always be the single name and they would always be taken together, and he is always going to stay by her side and never leave her, she asks him to vow so Mohan holding both of her hands is about to give the vow when he is shocked hearing the scream of Tulsi who is standing in front of him in the Mandir, she gets emotional seeing Mohan with Radha. Tulsi says it cannot happen and is about to fall, Mohan tries to walk to her but she stops him saying he should not come close to her, Mohan is worried.