Neerja 11th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Moushmi asks Abeer to divorce Neerja

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Moushmi asks Neerja to leave and says she doesn’t belong here. Neerja says to her that she will leave and in 3 days the truth will be out and if I am proved wrong I will willfully walk away but till then I will stay here and I know I have become a trouble for you guys and I am sorry for it but this fight is for my friend.

Bijoy tries to console Moushmi, who is distressed over their family’s gradual disintegration. Tearfully, Moushmi apologizes to Bijoy.

Abeer expresses regret for marrying Neerja, unaware of the troubles it would bring to his family. Moushmi urges Abeer to divorce Neerja, shocking her. Trisha smiles. Bijoy supports Moushmi, insisting they can’t tolerate Neerja tarnishing their family reputation. Neerja, heartbroken, leaves in tears, clutching Abeer’s coat, professing her love for him.

Abeer arrives, and their inner selves engage in a conversation. Neerja questions why Abeer has abandoned her, but he reassures her of his constant support. Before they can embrace, Bijoy interrupts, announcing the arrival of a prominent lawyer from Kolkata, hired to assist Kaushik. Neerja meets the lawyer, expressing her aspirations to become a lawyer like him. Abeer informs Moushmi that the lawyer will represent Kaushik, revealing that Neerja filed the FIR against them.

Shabbo Rani and Didun discusses their involvement in Chakri’s case, aiming for victory if Neerja fails. Neerja and Shefali meet Chakri’s lawyer, urging him to strengthen the case despite evidence favoring Kaushik, as their opponent, Parthok, has never lost a case. Neerja prays in the temple the next morning as the Bagchis arrive. Moushmi asserts that God supports the righteous, not those like Neerja who falsely accuse others. Neerja expresses her desire for justice as she walks past them.

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Abeer confronts Neerja, accusing her of choosing the wrong path, but she wishes him luck, emphasizing the importance of truth. The Bagchis, along with Didun, head to court. Didun mocks them and offers assistance. Neerja arrives, exchanging a glance with Abeer as she wipes away her tears. Abeer walks away.

Precap: Lawyer asks Neerja that how can Kaushik clear evidence and get down in 40 sec. Neerja unable to counter. Neerja sits on the terrace and apologises to Chakri that she could not be a good friend and good lawyer. Neerja finds a cigratte case and says this means Kaushik was helped hy someone else.