Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Mannat puts Kaynaat in her place

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Hina tells Dua that she can’t hide the truth, Dua says Ibadat will clarify all this. They all go to her. Nigar tells Gulnaz that the family will break up because of these fights so lets just enjoy it.

Dua and others come to the garden and see it decorated. Hafeez asks who did this? Ibadat says Manat, Subhan and I did it. Mannat says we did it to welcome you all. Hamida tells Dua to not talk to Ibadat tonight, its chaand raat so don’t doubt Ibadat, you know her character so don’t listen to others and talk to her later on. Kaynaat tells Hina that she won’t spare Ibadat tonight, just wait and watch. Armaan tells Gulnaz that Kaynaat isn’t doing anything. Gulnaz says just wait and watch out for her.

The family members see the moon coming out and pray. Dua prays for Ibadat and thinks she shouldn’t fail in her upbringing. Ibadat prays for Mannat to fall in love with Subhan. Mannat prays for Ibadat to get her love. Subhan prays for his love and prays for Ibadat’s happiness. Hina prays for Subhan and Mannat to marry. Kaynaat prays for her enemies to be destroyed. Gulnaz prays to get all the wealth. All family members wish each other Ramadan. Subhan hugs Mannat and wishes her. He hugs Ibadat too. Hina ignores Ibadat and goes to Mannat. Hamida hugs Ibadat and wishes her. Dua hugs Mannat and Subhan together. He holds her hand and smiles at her. Mannat stares at him but moves away. Dua blesses them and Ibadat feels bad. Hamida asks Ibadat to come up and take Dua’s blessings. Dua gets awkward as Ibadat hugs her. Hamida asks her to bless her. Dua blesses Ibadat reluctantly.

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Scene 2

Mannat serves food to the family and says the 3 of us cooked together. Hamida blesses them. Sufi says I helped them too. Subhan says yes he kept us all entertained while we cooked. Ibadat tries to serve to Hina but she ignores her to Hamida calls her. Ibadat serves food to Subhan and trips, she falls in Subhan’s arms. Mannat teases them and says I am sure Ibadat loves Subhan. All family members are shocked hearing that. Mannat says Subhan and Ibadat are perfect for each other. Kaynaat gets angry and throws away food. She shouts to stop this, she tells Mannat to not cross her line, how dare you tie my Subhan’s name with this Ibadat? I love you but don’t hurt me. Hafeez tries to stop her but Kaynaat says I won’t let her joke around about this. I want you to marry Subhan so don’t you dare attach Ibadat’s name with Subhan again. Mannat says you are so cruel, you keep scolding us and you seem to hate Ibadat, what’s your issue? Dua tells her to stop it but Mannat says I had to give it back to her.

The episode ends.