Dabangii 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Arya and Yug unite

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The Episode starts with Yug saying you have called me Ekya. Arya says no. He says you are lying, do you know me, how do you know my name. She asks what, you are Yug, right. He looks at her. He says you were that masked biker, you saved my life at my flat. She asks what nonsense. He thinks of her. He says Arya….and cries. Abhi mujhmein kahin…. Plays…. He says you are my friend, Arya, you are alive. Arya cries.

She says you keep my pic in your wallet, you couldn’t identify me, this is your friendship, right. He shuts the door. The man says that girl lied to you, she didn’t stay in girls hostel, we have tracked her Bluetooth device, we will know her location. Kasturi recalls stealing Arya’s Bluetooth. Yug asks Arya where did you go. She asks the same. They cry and hug.

He says I missed you a lot, I m so sorry to behave badly, I have become Yug for Satya and Kasturi, I m here to take your revenge, I want to get them arrested and ruin them. She asks did you become Yug to take my revenge. He says yes. She asks but how. He says I have become a secret agent. She says amazing, you have also become Dabangi. He says we were fighting like fools. They laugh.

Satya says we have to close Arya’s chapter. Yug says I work for CM Ankita, she doesn’t know I m Eklavya, only you used to protect me and fight for me, you were my friend, philosopher and guide, everything changed, you left, Ankush died, Bela’s condition was bad, Baba and Aai also broke down, tell me about you. Arya recalls Ankush’s words. She thinks I can’t tell you anything, I can’t cheat dad. She says I got saved. Yug says tell me in detail. The man tells Arya’s guest house details. Satya thanks him. He says I will go and find out. Ankush and Jaanrao argue about Arya. Yug asks is Jaanrao alive. Arya says yes, he saved my life, he raised me, we are hiding from Maina and Bela, he gave a big sacrifice for me. Yug cries and hugs her.

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He says you have suffered a lot, we will not spare Satya and Kasturi, game has changed, Satya will get after you, your life can fall in danger. She says I will be careful. They see Satya leaving. Arya says I m going after him. Yug asks her to take care. She leaves.

She follows Satya. She says Satya is going towards the lodge. She calls Ankush and Jaanrao. Satya reaches the lodge. Ankush points the gun at the door. Satya opens the door. Satya doesn’t see anyone. Ankush sees Arya at the door. Satya checks the house. Arya hugs Ankush and Jaanrao. She says I felt Jaanrao and you will get caught by Satya, thank God, you left that house and came here in time, I was scared, you saved us. Ankush says this was your work to keep an eye on Satya. He scolds her.

Ankush comes to Satya’s function. He sees Arya in danger. Yug saves Arya.