Parineeti 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Neeti gets hyper for Sanju

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Scene 1

Mr. Mehra comes to the police station, Sanju tells him that he knows about his character, I am sure you must have come to help me. Mehra says you have crossed all limits, I can’t believe you tried to molest a girl, Shelly told me everything, you are so characterless. Sanju says they are framing me. Mehra says everyone saw you with Madhu. You played with Pari and Neeti’s lives first and now you did this? I am done with you. He leaves. Sanju is angry and says I don’t even remember what happened. He tries to recall but can’t.

Pami calls Tayaji and asks if Sanju is out of jail yet? Tayaji says we are trying but its difficult. Pami says I am sure Sanju is innocent, she prays for him. Tayaji says we are trying and ends the call. Pami says we have to do something, she goes with the family. Bebe says lets go and enjoy this.

Pari comes to Vishal and Madhu, she begs them and says Sanju is a good man, he can never do something like that. Madhu says can’t you see what he has done with me? Neeti comes there and says Madhu is lying, I won’t let her go anywhere. Sanju can never do anything like that. Pari pleads with them to not destroy Sanju’s life like this. Madhu says I was molested and this tag will be with me for life, I can’t even look at others because of embarrassment. Neeti shouts that she is lying and attacks her but Pari tries to calm her down. The media arrives there and questions them. Neeti says this Madhu is lying, she was eyeing Sanju. Pari says calm down but Neeti says I know Sanju, he can never eye and molest a girl. This girl is shameless, I know she is pretending to be molested. Madhu acts like fainting and cries. Vishal takes her from there. Shelly asks Neeti to calm down and asks why is she so hyper? Neeti says I can’t see Pari like this, she is worried about Sanju so I got angry for her. She leaves. Shelly is confused.

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Scene 2

Monty comes to Sanju and says they are trying to free him. I know you can never do anything like that. Sanju says I can’t remember anything, I am sure I can never eye a girl so I don’t know what happened. Monty says don’t worry, we will find a solution to this. Sanju tells him to take care of Pari, she must be stressed. Monty says she trusts you blindly and is supporting you so don’t worry. He leaves from there.

Pami and others arrive at the police station, she tells Pari that she will go and talk to the inspector. She begs the inspector to leave Sanju. He says we can’t leave him, he did a crime.

Neeti says I shouldn’t have lost control like that, I have to do something and bring Sanju out of the jail. Then he will fall in love with me again. Bebe comes there and says I heard everything, what were you saying? Neeti says I was just worried about Pari. Bebe says you seem stressed. Neeti says I am worried about Pari, I can’t seem to help her. Bebe thinks how can I bring back her memory? She asks if she remembers anything? Neeti says no.

The episode ends.