Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Hina tells Dua about Ibadat’s affair

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Scene 1

Ibadat asks Armaan if he will help in saving Mannat from Farhan, he says I can do anything for her, she says I will tell you the plan soon, she leaves. Gulnaz comes there and says we have trapped two fishes now. We are going to take revenge on Ibadat for slapping you. We will try to break Mannat and Ibadat’s bond, then Dua will breakdown too. Then we will get all this wealth. Armaan says I just want my Mannat.

Ibadat bumps into Kaynaat mistakenly and apologizes to her but Kaynaat scolds her and says she should watch her steps. Mannat comes there and says she mistakenly bumped into you but why are you being so harsh with her? Ibadat says its okay, she is our elder. Mannat says our mother taught us to not be silent against injustice, she asks Kaynaat what’s her issue with Ibadat and Dua? please don’t spoil their happiness, she goes with Ibadat. Hina says I have spoiled Mannat, she misbehaved with you. Kaynaat says she did what she is taught to, it was Ibadat’s fault and we can’t do anything till Dua is protecting her. Hina says you are right, what can we do about this Ibadat? Kaynaat says once Ibadat is my DIL then I will make her against Ibadat and use her to destroy Ibadat’s life. Dua comes there with Hamida and says I can’t believe you both have so much hatred for Ibadat.

Subhan tells Sufi that Kaynaat likes Mannat and not Ibadat but if she talks to her then she will become her fan. Sufi says you keep talking about Ibadat these days. Subhan tells him to stop it, Sufi teases him and leaves. Subhan thinks his intentions are pure with Ibadat.

Dua tells Kaynaat that she wants to use Mannat to destroy Ibadat? I won’t let this happen, I will never let Subhan marry Mannat. He is a nice kid but I won’t choose him for Mannat. Kaynaat says stop threatening us, Mannat is my niece too. Dua says Ibadat is your niece too, she is Haider’s daughter and you can’t change that fact. I am their mother and I will decide on their future alone, I won’t let anyone destroy their bond.

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Ibadat sits with Mannat and tells her that she is preparing food for Kaynaat and her family. Subhan comes there and bumps into Mannat, she scolds him and he stammers in front of her. Ibadat tells Subhan that the weather is heavy. Subhan sits with Mannat and sees her cutting fruits, she tries ignoring him. Subhan cuts his finger and Ibadat gets worried but tells Mannat to check on him. Mannat goes to get first aid.

Hina tells Dua that they just want a good future for Mannat. Dua says you want to set her in life by destroying Ibadat’s life? this is wrong. Hina says you are wrong because that Ibadat has filthy blood. Dua says enough. Hina says you need to accept the truth and its that Ibadat has bad blood and is shameless. Dua says enough.

Mannat tends to Subhan’s finger and tells him to be careful. Subhan smiles at her, she tries to leave but falls in his arms. They both stare at each other.

Dua tells Hina that she won’t hear anything against her daughter Ibadat. Hina says she is not your daughter, she is that evil woman’s daughter, it would have been better if she had died with that woman. Dua says enough, what has she done against you? Hina says she is shameless and calls boys in our house to romance. Dua says that can’t be true. Hamida says don’t tarnish my Ibadat. Hina says you can’t hide from the truth. Dua says I will confront Ibadat and ask her to tell the truth.

Subhan is going behind Mannat and bumps into Ibadat. They both stare at each other, Ibadat tells him to focus on Mannat. He smiles at Mannat while Ibadat sadly looks on.

The episode ends.