Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Poonam frames Shaina and Vicky

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Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 27th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Poonam comes after Raj. She says you’ve to listen to me. Let me show you the proof. She shows him the video. Raj says you need psychiatrist. She says would you still ignore this? I showed you Shaina and Vikcy’s truth. She recorded the wall only. Poonam is shocked. Poonam says Shaina and Vicky were together. I saw myself. She says I recorded it myself. Hethrowss her phone and says just enough. he says you’re accusing my family and assassinating their character? Have you lost your mind? Vicky comes there. His mom comes as well. Sumitra welcomes him. She says Pandit Ji said Friday is the perfect day for a wedding. Sumitra says but such an early wedding? Her mom says I have to go back to London. Poonam says what? Vicky says yes do you have any problem? Poonam says in their heart I have 3 days only to expose him.

Shaina says I am so upset that Nanny made me miss my kitty. I shopped so much. Sumitra gets ac all from Raj. He says some hospital stuff is being delivered. Take it from the rider. Sumitra asks Shaina did you and Geetu get to shop? She says there was so much traffic. We will shop for Geetu tomorrow. She says please pay these shopping bills. I got everything on credit. Poonam is hearing everything. Shaina says to her friend I got tired of shopping so much. Poonam says in their heart I will get you exposed. Shaina leaves her phone there. poonam collides with her. Juice spills on Shaina. Shaina gets angry. She goes to wash her clothes. Poonam tries to find Vicky’s number in her phone. Shaina is washing her saree. Poonam texts. Vicky met me in half an hour from Shaina’s phone.

Scene 2
Geetu says to Vicky we should spend more time together. He says spend on shopping. She says we should postpone the wedding there is no need to rush. He says I need to rush for a client meeting. Netra calls Poonam and tells her she’s coming to her. She says her parents were going somewhere. Poonam says don’t worry. The masseuse comes for Shaina. Poonam stops her. She says Shaina canceled your appointment. She asks her to leave. Vicky comes in. He comes to the house. Poonam calls Raj. Raj says what do you want? She says come home. He says are you in your senses? She says to come home and see the truth yourself. Go to Shaina’s room directly. He says don’t interfere in my family problems. She says this is important. She says for Kohu please come. He hangs up. Poonam prays that he comes. Poonam hits her head on the van, she faints. Poonam falls in a box. The labors take it inside.

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Netra calls Poonam. She asks why is Poonam not picking. A guy says I got food for you. She says no. I don’t need it. He says you don’t have to be alone.

Vicky starts massaging Shaina. She says what are you doing here? you know Raj is suspecting on us. He says you called me here. She says me? He says yes. Rja is on his way. He says see your message. Shaina says this must be that Poonam. Vicky says don’t worry. Raj comes home. He goes to Shaina’s room. Shaina says what are you doing here? He says are you here alone/ She says yes. Vicky is hidden under the bed. Rja si leaving. He stops Raj and looks around. Shaina asks what happened. He says what is all this? She says wedding shopping. He says you know we can’t afford all this. She says you spend everything on your family. You work on salary in your hospital. Your parents are rich. He says you can’t waste my parent’s money like that. I will ask my mom to return all this. He takes out the bages in anger.

Poonam opens eyes. She’s in the box. She says how am I here? Raj sees the bags. He tries to calculate. Poonam sums it up for him. He opens the box. He says what are you doing? Have you lost your mind? She says Vicky isn’t a good man for this family. Did you see her in Shaina’s room? He says please stop it. I had to leave work and come here. Poonam tries to come out. She falls on Raj. Shaina comes there. She says how romantic. She calls everyone and says see why Raj never asks her to leave. She’s coming close to my husband. Firat Vicky and now my husband.

Episode ends