Prachand Ashok 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1

Ashok runs to Bindusar’s room and he is standing behind a curtain. Ashok asks if he wants to see his face? Bindusar pulls the curtains back and looks at Ashok for the first time. He gets emotional as Bindusar hugs him tightly and cries. Helena and Sushim are angry seeing that. Ashok asks if he really wants to see him? Bindusar says yes, I have always wanted to hug my son but I was a weak man and my fear didn’t allow me to see my son’s face. I am sorry, please forgive me. Ashok stops him and says please don’t apologize, He asks how did this miracle happen? Bindusar recalls how Kaurwaki showed him the real kundli of Ashok and how someone had changed his kundli and showed him his fake kundli when Ashok was born, she told him that Ashok is going to be a great king, he is going to rewrite history and make him so proud. His family lied to him and kept his son away from him for years. Ashok had to face hatred only and that’s why he became bitter in life. She told him to accept Ashok as he needs him today and craves for his love. The flashback ends. Ashok asks Bindusar who gave him his real kundli? was it Chanakya? Bindusar says no, he never gave me your

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