Doree 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Doree decides on taking up new identity

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A saint suggests Doree to win against odds and save her closed one she has to adopt a new identity and asks her to burn her past in the holi dahan and live with her new identity to save her loved ones.

Mansi holds Ganga Prasad’s hand and asks him to calm down. Ganga Prasad calmd down but his hand starts shivering and has an acute headache and lies on Mansi’s lap.

Doree ponders the saint’s advice, realizing her identity poses a threat to her father’s safety. Remembering Rukmani’s words, she decides to heed the saint’s counsel, cutting her hair and offering it to the fire.

Rukmani attempts a ritual with camphor, but it fails, leaving her unsettled. Mansi stays by Ganga Prasad’s side, concerned for both him and Doree. Maya suspects Rukmani’s involvement in Ganga Prasad’s distress and vows revenge for a wound Rukmani inflicted. Rukmani prays to win against her foes, while Doree prays to protect her father and expose Rukmani.

When Ganga Prasad awakens, Mansi informs him of his illness and the events surrounding Doree. Doree intervenes as Rukmani nearly falls, disguised as a boy named Bhola. She confronts Rukmani, asserting her identity, and prevents her from falling. Rukmani remains unaware of Doree’s true identity, and Doree hopes to use this to her advantage in front of her father. Doree prays and says Rukmani didn’t recognise me but next time when I face baba give me strength and please help me in helping Baba get his memory and identity back.

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Precap : Doree as Bhola walking says I still walk like Doree and adapts a new way to walk and interact with everyone around. Doree is relived seeing no one recognised her.