Katha Ankahee 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan invites Raghav along with his family to the Diwali celebration

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In the morning Ruhi enters the room of Katha calling her and wonders where is she, she remembers when she used to wait for her mother and then her father calmed her down each and every time so she starts crying.

Katha is working in the office when she gets a call from Ruhi who asks where has she gone, katha replies she has just come out for some work, Ruhi says she did not even tell anyone when Katha apologizes as she is with Ruhi at this time and did not tell anyone, katha explains she along with her father are making a house for which she has come to office, katha asks Ruhi what has happened who says it is nothing, Katha explains Ruhi can say anything to her but not this silent treatment, Ruhi asks if she is a nice girl, Katha replies she is indeed a good girl when Ruhi explains that her mother left her because she was a bad girl when katha asks who told her this, Ruhi explains her friends said that her mother left because she did not like Ruhi. Katha asks Ruhi to believe something that the person who leaves is the reason for it informing a lot of people have also left her in life but is she bad, Ruhi says she is the best. Katha promises she can also never leave Ruhi and would take her in the bag, Ruhi replies Katha would have to take her in the suitcase, she says that they cannot go anywhere without celebrating Diwali together, Ruhi says I LOVE YOU MOM, Katha promises to come back quickly after completing her work.

Ahsan is very tensed while working in the cabin when Vanya slowly stands by his side and she plays a song, Vanya then sits on a desk which worries Ahsan who says that they are in the office, Vanya replies he is taking personal stress so she starts performing acupuncture when he says she must do it politely otherwise his hand would start hurting. Vanya slowly calls his name when Ahsan says she must go, Vanya does not understand so Ahsan replies she desires to meet Katha. Vanya gets excite to leave when he requests her to not judge katha is she is a bit cold or reserved with her.

Viaan knocks on the cabin while Katha is tensed, he entering the cabin says he has the new design an notices she did not drink the coffee when he is standing, she says she would have a look at it and he can leave. Viaan says that it is a custom that they decorate the entire office so he hopes she does not mind if they decorate even this cabin, he leaves when Katha also stands up. Vanya is standing outside the cabin and she entering immediately hugs Katha who also embraces her. Katha looks at the ring when Vanya asks if she knew it, Katha blesses that they both should live with love for the rest of their life, Vanya replies that she knows the love would never end in this life. Katha replies even her friendship comes for the entire life, she requests her to not talk about the thing that cannot be changed. Vanya asks Katha to make a promise that she will ask her whenever she needs her help, she replies she cannot express how happy she is to see Katha back in this office when katha replies even she is happy. Vanya turns back but then explains that her brother is alive because of Katha, she knows it and he is very desperate to bring Katha back to his life, he just has hope because of which he is able to bear any pain. Vanya informs that she should at least think if it is possible but then leaves without saying anything else, katha herself gets emotional but she wipes off her tears

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Katha is walking to the elevator when she gets a call from Paranv who says he was waiting for her call and asks how is she feeling going to Earthcon, Katha replies it is not like that as everyone is meeting with so much love but this does not make things easy for her, Paranv asks if Viaan sir is teasing her when katha says that she is being very rude with him but even then he is not backing out. Paranv asks how can she do it now, Katha explains that Viaan has always fulfilled her wishes and now she thinks she should go and beg to him that he should let her be, Paranv asks if this would be right when Katha says what she is doing right now would not be good for anyone. Paranv replies it is also not her mistake so she should talk with him and end it all while giving everyone the peace of mind.

Katha is about to go and talk with Viaan when Raghav steps out of the Elevator and asks if she has finished her work then can they leave. Viaan runs down mentioning he wants to invite Raghav and them all to his house as it would be a small party. Raghava agrees to it saying that it will be a celebration but Katha is just staring at Viaan when the lifts opens so Raghav explains they will see each other tomorrow, Viaan notices how Katha is tensed.

In the night Ruhi is showing the Murti to her father which they can gift to Viaan sir, Raghav says they should search for an artistic gift for Viaan as he is a poet, Raghav explains his friend own an art gallery so they can search for a painting, Raghav explains that now even Katha works with them so there should be something special. Katha brings the gifts for everyone on the occasion for Diwali, she gives the gift to Ruhi who after opening it gets emotional. Katha explains she feels that Ruhi did not like it, she replies it is the best gift as this is the one they saw in the mall and she remembered it, katha kisses Ruhi. Raghav asks for his gift which katha gives to him followed by Pari aunti and then the rest of the staff, Raghav explains they are still working on the gift for Viaan. Pari aunti asks Katha what should she wear when katha replies they will surely arrange something. Katha leaves when she is not able to give a suggestion, Raghav is worried.

Viaan is selecting the crockery and informs that Katha does not like the shiny crockery when Teji asks what is he trying to do. Ahsan is also on the call asking Viaan why is he doing it while Vanya requests him to at least listen to Bhai. Ahsan says that what if they create a problem that they cannot handle, he suggests Viaan should at least try to move on when Viaan explains he wants to take Katha remember certain things from their life since this house belongs to her and Aarav after which everything would be good. Katha is very tensed in the room.

Raghav sees Katha so exclaims that he is an idiot as he reveals his feelings to her but she can hide everything from her, he asks her to tell the truth as he can see that she is tensed.

Precap: Raghav reaches the house of Viaan where they all exchange gifts, Katha enters the house and Viaan is not able to take his eyes off her. Aarav calls Ruhi asking where is his mother as he is not able to contact her, Katha gets tensed.