Parineeti 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Neeti comes back to Bajwa house

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Scene 1
Pari and Neeti ask about Sukwinder. They tell her Sukwinder is in the ICU. Neeti panics. Neeti thanks Pami for saving Sukwinder. She says you’re all so nice. Can I see Mom? She looks at Sukwinder once and cries. Salojna says she will be okay. Pari says don’t worry, she will be fine soon. Neeti cries and says I can’t see mom like this. She tried to save me a lot. Why is God punishing me? Pari says she will be fine. the doctor says her internal bleeding isn’t stopping. Neeti goes running in tears. A goon sees Neeti. Hee calls their manager and tells her he saw Neeti and Pari. Neeri cries and prays for Sukwinder. She says my mom has never done anything bad. why is this happening? She always helps others. What have I done to suffer so much? She cries. Pari says God will heal her soon. Don’t worry. Neeti coughs. Pari goes to get her water.

The goons come there and make Neeti unconscious. He takes Neeti from there. The doctor tells Sanju there is no improvement. Gurinder says what is happening here? No one told me. Is there any respect for me in this house? no one told me. Chandrika says we came her in a hurry. Sh says no one bothered to tell me Pari, Sanju adn Neeti are safe. Pari sees the goon taking Neeti somewhere. He runs. Pari runs after him. She screams Rajiv. The security comes there. Rajiv hits the goon. The goon runs. Everyone is worried about Neeti. The doctor tells them someone gave her chloroform. Pari says to Pami thank you for saving Sukwinder. She says it was my fault. Pari says I understand your concern but please change your decision. Please let Neeti stay here. See how unsafe it is for her. Pami says her living with us isn’t safe for you. She can’t live with us. Rajiv says Neeti is conscious.

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The doctor gives medicines to Neeti. Gurinder says I’ve decided Neeti will live with her. Until she and her mother get better she won’t go anywhere. She will live in our house. Neeti says no no I will live with my mausi ji. Pari says no one would be bothered by you living with us. Neeti says but I can’t live there. Pami says she’s right. She’s not a kid. She can live alone. But until your mom gets better you will live with us. Neeti says but I can’t live there. She says I don’t want any trouble for your Pari. Pari says you will live with us.

Scene 2
Everyone comes to the house. Neeti faints. She holds Sanju’s hand. Neeti says can you take me to my room? Sanju takes her to the room. Pari comes with her. They take Pari to the room. Pari says let me get you something to eat. Pami is angry. Neeti and Pari hug each other.

Episode ends

Precap: Rajiv shares with Taiji that last night Neeti’s way of looking at him was weird and I found it fishy. Taiji asks Neeti that does she loves Pari and Rajiv. Neeti says yes. Taiji asks her that if she finds a guy like Rajiv will she marry him. Neeti is in shock.