Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Purnima prays at the temple. She is relieved. She ties a thread around Raj. She says is Rudraksh, this will protect you from everything like you always protected me. You did so much for me. I don’t know how to thank you. You should go to your family. Your dadu needs you. He says and you don’t need me? She says you’ve done enough. I will take my family away from that village. Murali won’t let us live there. He says so you will.. leave everything? She says whos’ mien here apart from Mai and Rati? he says me? Am I not yours? You don’t need to leave anything. I will arrange a house for you and a job. She says you have done enough. I should be on my own. Raj holds her hand and says I won’t’ give any excuse this time. I just want to say I l.. She says please don’t say that. It will make our lives difficult. He says I can’t let you go. I know there’s a connection between us. I want to know what you feel about me. I want to hold your hand forever. She says you’re a good human. You always helped me. I don’t want to hurt you. We can never be together. Relationship is between two equal people. We’ve nothing in common.

Scene 2
Damayanthi says it’s been 20 years since you didn’t even see my face. I asked you to get me married to Shekhar. You didn’t give me your blessings because he wasn’t off our class. You taught us the power of true love. My love was also true. I became a widow, but still, you didn’t look at me.

Raj says you can’t do this. Purnima says you’re running away from the truth. When in childhood you’d enjoy peanuts in blankets, I used to sell them. I used to polish shoes outside your house. Will your family own such a poor girl? He says it doesn’t matter to me. We’re all equal to God. She says I’ve many responsibilities. He says I will partner in your responsibilities. She says how? He says my marrying you. Purnima is shocked.

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Damyanthi says you never looked at me. I know your time has come. Won’t you look at your daughter once and give me blessings? He moves his hand and touches her head. Raj says to Purnima I want to marry you. She says you’re not in your senses. You’re just making an emotional decision. Life isn’t easy. You don’t know all that. Will your family own me? It’s very different in reality. You will move on, what about me? I will be another huge pain. How will I take care of my mom and Rati? She says this will only increase my problems. Please go. Raj holds her hand. Raj says I can fight the whole world for you. You have so much self-respect and faith. You want me to go away from you right? I will, but I will ask God what he wants.

Precap: Kaynat is pointing a gun at Gazal and asks Dua to move away from her line of fire. Dua asks her to throw a gun. Haider says to her don’t do such things it’s a crime. She says if killing a monster like her is a crime then I’m ready to do more, if Dua wants to get killed because of her then it’s her action and she apologizes to Dua. She fires the gun and Dua gets shot.