Doree 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Doree comes to the court

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Scene 1
Mansi comes to the temple. Vansh says why did you bring me here? She says we have to pray for the truth to win. He says Papa asked me to keep an eye on you. I am waiting in the car. Mansi meets Dorre in the temple secretly. She says you’ve to save the person who’s gonna be your witness. Doree asks how did you find out about her? Mansi tells her Nelu told Rukmani about her. Go and save her, please. Doree says she saved me and she also healed your wounds. Mansi says go adn save her. Mansi leaves.

Scene 2
Anand comes to the court. Rukmani’s lawyer says we will win this case very easily. Don’t worry. Rukmani says Doree’s game will end today. Doree’s family comes there. The inspector asks where is Doree. Mohan says she went to the temple. She should’ve come here. The inspector says she should have come by now. Doree runs towards Mai’s house.

The goons see Kailashi’s face. They get shocked. They call Rukmani. Real Kailashi hits him. They hit her on the head and set her house on fire. She says once again that Rukmani will win. She says Rukmani will burn my everything again. Doree comes there. She says Mai I am coming. Don’t be scared. I will save you. The judge asks Doree’s lawyer where is your client? He says she must be coming. Rukmani’s lawyer says please discard this case. They use false accusations and then don’t appear in court. Doree’s lawyer asks the inspector. The judge says we will only wait for her for five minutes.

Doree comes out. She says it’s all burned. Mai isn’t there either. Your Doree lost dad. She hears Ganga saying you can’t give. You never give up. She’s imagining him. Doree says Mai was going to help me but she’s gone too. Ganga says just face the situation like a brave person.

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Scene 3
Mansi gives Mahindra food. It spills on his clothes. She says I am so worried about Doree. I don’t know if she was able to save her witness. It’s the same woman who saved me and brought me to the house. Mahindra says in their heart that must be my Kailashi. Mansi says please try to speak.

Anand tells the court it’s been 10 minutes. Please discard the case. Doree says I am here. She says sorry I got late. Doree comes to the witness box. Rukmani’s lawyer lawyer says it’s your age to play. Go eat your ice cream. Why are you eating our time? You questioned and accused a great lady like Kailashi? Do you have any proof?  No right? This isn’t a game. He says this child has nothing to say. Doree says I will first swear on Geeta. She says Kailashi locked me in the jail. She told me she killed my dad. I’ve no proof but she killed my dad. Please give my dad justice. Rukmani’s lawyer says but your dad was thief. He even stole you, you weren’t his daughter. Doree says he wasn’t a thief. I am his daughter. He says then prove what you said. How Kailashi locked you and how she killed your dad. What proof do you have?

Episode ends

Precap: The judge is about to give judgment in Kailashi Devi’s favor, Mai walks in and states that Doree isn’t lying. Kailashi says who is this woman? Her face is covered how can we trust her?