Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Dua finds Gazal

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Dua says I won’t go until I find Gazall. I am sure she’s here. God will listen to me. She cries and looks for Gazal. Azan starts. Dua prays that she finds Gazal. Ruhaan says you’re not in good condition. Dua prays namaz and prays that she finds Gazal. Dua says how can you let my child suffer like that? Please help me. The kids play cricket outside. Their ball hits a pot in Gazal’s room. Water falls on her face. She opens her eyes. Haider says your condition is getting bad Dua. I will find Gazal with the police. You need rest. Please come with me. They leave.

Gazal tries to get up. Hadier, Dua, and everyone sit in the car and are ready to leave. Gazal gets up and looks outside. She screams Dua’s name. they can’t hear her. Gazal picks up the ball and throws it in the car. Dua stops the car. She looks outside.. She sees Gazal. Dua is shocked. Dua says Gazal I am coming. We will save you. They rush upstairs. Gazal sees Haider. He looks at her in anger. Gazal recalls the person who hit her. Gazal is scared. Ruhaan and Dua come upstairs. They try to open the door.

Ruhaan and Dua come inside the room. gazal is not there. They are shocked. dua says where can she go? She was here. Gazal is hiding. She says Dua you wanna save me but that person is after my life. I can’t come in front of that person. Dua says Gazal come out. I won’t let anyone harm you. Gazal says fi I come out that person will kill me. Qainaat and Ruhaan look for Gazal. Haider finds the phone she called from. Ruhaan says she’s nowhere. Dua asks Ruhaan and Qainat to look upstairs and asks Haider to look outside.

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Scene 2
Hina prays for her kids. She says my kids are innocent but they have to go through so much. Gazal is the curse on our family. She tried to part my kids She tried to break my home. Please show us the right path. She reads a book and gets scared. Hina cries and panics. She says this can’t happen. Rahat asks what sign did you get from God?

Dua looks for Gazal. She says what if I go out and that person stabs me. She says I should tell Dua. She might save me. Dua says where are you Gazal?? Gazla says, Dua.. She comes out. Gazal hugs Dua. She cries in fear. Dua says I hate you but I am happy to see yo alive because of my child. Gazal says I knew you’d come to save me. I was scared that person would harm me again. Haider comes there. Gazal gets scared. She says I don’t want to die. Please save me. Dua says nothing will happen. She says you have brought my death. She tries to run. Haider runs after her.

Hina says I read about a death. Dua trips over a stone and falls. Haider saves her. he says are you okay? He hugs her. He says I can’t let anything happen to our child. Dua says why did Gazal run after seeing you? We’ve to stop her. We’ve to protect our children. He says I will go find her. You sit here. Dua thinks about Haider’s strange behavior.

Episode ends