Pandya Store 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Natasha and Dhawal’s tension

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The Episode starts with Golu asking how did you come here. Dhawal says I came running, go and have chocolate, its kept outside. Chiku sees the mehendi on Dhawal’s hand and recalls Ruby. Amrish asks for papers. Chiku doesn’t give it, its my sister’s marriage, once she marries Shashank, take the papers. Amrish gets angry and asks Suman to see. Chiku says chill, let me serve you all, it looks like you haven’t eaten good food since many days, its okay, there is much food here, eat, drink, enjoy. Chirag snatches the papers from Chiku and throws it towards Dhawal. Dhawal and everyone smile.

Natasha says good, the wedding drama will end now. Dhawal checks the papers. He gets shocked seeing blank papers. Chiku starts laughing. Natasha says why is he laughing, what did he do now. Chiku says I expected this cheap tricks, I knew it, who was that parlor lady Ruby, Dhawal. He asks Natasha to say. She asks how would I know its him in female disguise. Dhawal thinks Chiku doubts me, I have to get the papers from him.

Dhawal shows blank papers to Amrish. He asks Amrish to slap him. Amrish says I will see Chiku in court, come, I won’t slap you. Dhawal says it will take time for court matter, we have to fool Chiku, slap me. Amrish slaps Dhawal and Chirag. He asks why did you do this. Chiku says stop this drama, Ruby, its enough. Natasha worries. Amrish says I m sorry for my brothers’ mistakes. Amba looks on. He asks Chirag and Dhawal to apologize. Chirag says sorry. Dhawal says I m sorry.

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Amrish says we will sit here and attend Natasha’s marriage, then you will give us the papers, right, fine then. He sits and asks everyone to sit. Chiku asks Natasha to go in. Chiku calls the guards. He asks them to stand around the Makwanas. Amrish says we had to see this now. Dhawal says I have grown up, trust me, I will give the papers before marriage. Amrish asks how will you go. Dhawal says I will figure out something. Suman says what will we do now. Natasha says we have to steal the papers, help me, keep an eye on Chiku. She goes. Inspector comes to Shalini. He says Yash is clever, Amrish didn’t get the papers. She asks him to give her all the info. He says don’t know madam is Amrish’s friend or enemy, why is she worried for him. Shashank comes. Everyone sees the baraat coming. Dhawal worries.

Natasha thinks what to do. She asks Suman to keep an eye on Chiku. She goes to tell her plan to Dhawal. She writes a note for Dhawal.

Natasha gets baraat for Dhawal and proposes him. He smiles and hugs her.