Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Virat ruins Amruta’s interview

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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 25th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Amruta prepares for her online interview. Bhavani says she’s to go to market. Kavita says to Babita why did you allow them to live here? Kick them out. You’re Babita Ahuja. Why is Virat so soft towards her? He can’t handle a girl? Bebe would get hurt. You know she gave everything to Dildar and that’s how you all built this empire. And now the heir of this empire Virat will lose it to an ordinary girl? Virat should do something for our family’s name. I know he’s intelligent but for this girl, he’s thinking too much with heart. Is there something? Babita says no way. He’s just extra respectful to women. So he’s giving them a margin. She says let them be. You tell me how is Anil? How is everything? She says I wish I could tell you the truth. I mean.. he has started his business in South America. He has settled there. But I don’t wanna leave my own country. I thought I could come here and spend some quality time with you all. Babita says you did the right thing. Today is a big day. Virat will sign a big deal today. Virat is very soft, he tries to handle such people but gets sympathy for them. Do you remember that girl? Kavita says how can I forget her? shes hurt Virat a lot. But that time has passed. These people will also be kicked out of your house. Dont worry.

Amruta prepares for the interview. She practices around. Amruta rehearses how will she speak. She tries to stay calm. Amruta says why am I so nervous? Everything well be fine. Murai gives Virat a protein shake. Abhiraj comes and says Virat you didn’t even meet mom, right? Virat says you enjoy all this right? You play such games so you can become the beloved very nice Abhiraj. Nonsense. Abhiraj says why do you always get me wrong? I just told you mom wants to meet you. Virat says who are you to tell me who to spend time with you. I don’t need to pretend to be a good boy like you. Abhiraj says why ar you saying all this? you’re my brother. Virat says really? Even in this issue, you were standing with Amruta. Who was she to you? She’s a stranger to you. You’re not my brother. I know you very well. I am not a fool like others. You can’t play me with your acting like you do to other people. Abhiraj leaves.

Scene 2
Amruta gives her interview. She tells them about her projects. She says I like to help people and assist them. Virat comes and says yes she assists very very well. So much that I need assistance now. Amruta says excuse. She says to Virat please go from here. He says don’t you need a recommendation from the old boss. Virat told to them get a recommendation from me. The interviewer says oh Mr. Virat. Would you recommend her? She handled your account, it must be big. She might be a perfect fit for this job. Virat says she will be the best asset of your organization hardworking, and very dedicated. Keep her in your organization. Amruta requests behind the camera to not ruin her interview. Virat says she keeps asking for proofs for everything though. She has a drinking problem though. She gets drunk and she forgets everything. They re shocked. Virt says she used to make me work. He says to finalize her job. Don’t you feel weird about what her ex-boss is doing in her interview? She trespassed into my house and now she’s living on my terrace. Anyway, fix her job. He lives. Virat says wow, drink with me. The interview rejects Amruta. Amruta cries. Virat says why are you so angry? You’re so hardworking you can get nay job but before that, you’ve to stop annoying my family. Amruta says shut up. Please go from here. Please.

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Dildar and Abhiraj come. Dildar asks what happened. Amruta cries adn says he ruined my interview. I was gonna get that job but he ruiend it for me. He’s ruined my life. I lost my job adn my family is homeless because of me. I don’t know why is he ruining my life. Virat says she keeps blaming me for everything. Dildar says you’ve lost your mind. Why are you ruining her future? have you lost it? you’ve disappointed me. Amruta cries on the stairs. She says he always ruins everything for me. Amruta cries. Abhraj comes and sits with them. He says don’t worry it’s me, not Virat. I know he always blames others for his mistakes. He aways blamed me as well. I always tried to support him. He doesn’t listen to anyone. He feels too powerful. He thinks no one can answer him back, especially a girl. Amruta says you think I am a girl so I can’t defeat him? I can answer him back. Abhiraj says he took your chance to get a job but you stayed silent. I love him, hee’s my brother but I wouldn’t even tolerate this. He knows we’d always support him so he takes advantage of that situation. I know you have a big heart. He risked your mom’s life to satisfy his ego. I don’t know if he will ever change. But I am always there for you. Amruta says I will also not back down. Thank you. She leaves. Abhiraj says this girl will set him on fire.

Episode ends