Neerja 29th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Neerja offers Didun her assistance in place of Shabbo Rani

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Chakri returns to Sonagachi, bearing signs of a tough time. Neerja embraces Chakri, tears in her eyes, and wishes she could do something for Chakri and the other women at Sonagachi. She vows to help them soon, despite Chakri’s initial reluctance. Neerja insists on working on Chakri’s behalf, and when Chakri resists, she asks for her assistance. The women of the brothel express their support for Neerja, declaring their willingness to help.
Moushmi consults a priest about Abeer’s horoscope. The priest predicts that someone will enter Abeer’s life and provide support during challenging times. Moushmi and Pishi Maa find solace in this revelation, with a longing for the return of Trisha. Elsewhere, a girl is seen walking.

Neerja rushes to Didun, tears streaming, complaining about a client. She accuses Shabbo Rani of taking money from the client and trying to sell her. Shabbo Rani vehemently denies the accusations. Didun intervenes, physically confronting the client and demanding to know whom he gave the money to. The client initially mentions Shabbo Rani but later, under pressure, changes his statement, absolving Shabbo Rani. Didun instructs Kallu to search Shabbo Rani’s room, where money is discovered, seemingly confirming her guilt. However, a flashback reveals that the women of the brothel secretly gave Neerja money, which she strategically placed in Shabbo Rani’s room to frame her.
As Didun proceeds to punish Shabbo Rani, Neerja feels pangs of guilt and remorse. Shyamli consoles Neerja, asserting that Shabbo Rani deserved the punishment. Didun, losing trust in Shabbo Rani, decides they need someone with an innocent face for her operations. Neerja offers to assist, assuring Didun she only wants to help. Suspicious but intrigued, Didun agrees, temporarily confiscating Neerja’s phone and warning her against betrayal.
Neerja persuades Didun to join a puja with everyone at Sonagachi. Chakri asks Neerja to be cautious around Didun. They arrive at the temple, where Didun conducts the puja. Neerja prays for victory against Didun. A man in disguise, sent by Shefali Ganguly, approaches Neerja and offers assistance in her mission to expose Didun.
Later, Didun and Kallu observe Neerja in a car. Neerja seizes the opportunity to catch Didun in the act, believing it to be a golden moment. Meanwhile, Moushmi joyfully informs Abeer about a girl who will always protect him and stand by his side, about to enter his life. Abeer, however, asks for some time as he claims to be busy. In another scene, a girl introduces herself as Trisha during a phone call.

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Pre cap: Neerja sees a woman relishing pani puri and it reminds her of Abeer.