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Scene 1
Abhishek cries. Munawar and Ankita try to calm her down. Munawar says she doesn’t deserve you. Khanzadi says if you wanna cry, it’s fine. Let it out. Abhishek cries and screams. They hug him and try to calm him down. Samarth giggles inside, Eisha says please stop it. Everyone tries to calm down Abhishek down. Abhishek hugs Ankita and cries. Eisha comes there and says please calm down. I am with you. Samarth says what is this drama. Manasvi asks are you dating her? He says I will tell on right time. Eisha hugs Abhishek. She says let me handle him. He will be fine. Manasvi says she’s consosling him. He says it’s all a drama. She and I have same disease, we keep changing relationships. Manasvi says he’s acting. Samarth says she’s acting more. Eisha consoles Abhishek and says I am here. Everything will be fine. Samarth says if all crying is done I wanna tell everyone something. Someone handle him.

Samarth says there is a girl among you all, she’s told you a different identity of herself. Her real identity is liar no. 1. First lie, Abhishek is my friend. He is her ex-boyfriend. Abhishek gets angry, he says ask him to shut up or I will break his head. Samarth says secood lie.. Abhishek charges at him in anger. icky stops him. He says calm. Abhishek and Samarth abuse each other. Abhishek says meet me outside. Samarth says are you scared here? You chic? Hiding behind a girl? I am taking this stupid girl’s side who’s not even ready to accept I am her bf. Everyone tries to calm them down. Eisha says are you crazy? You never even thought once. He says did you think? You kept lying here. Eisha says what am I doing? What did you think before saying all this. He says did I lie or not? He says you tell the truth then. Are we not dating? She says no. He says really? Samarth says wow. She says don’t o this acting. He says wow, what a liar this girl is. Eisha says are you out of your mind? Samarth says the last line she said before coming here bebe take care, we will go on a trip when I am out. Eisha says what’s wrong with you. He says we’ve been dating for a year. I pick her, drop her. She says that doesn’t make you my bf. Samarth says we’ve dated for a year, imagine what kind of girl she is. Eisha says you tell me what kind of girl am I. I am here, I wanna listen.

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Abhishek cries. Everyone consoles him. Ankita syas you wont’ say anything. Eisha says I wanna understand what is he saying. Mannara says let her figure out. Anurag says so you don’t know him? Eisha says I am agreeing he’s my friend. She says Samarth we have partied, we’ve gone out but we are friends. He says yeah I made up everything myself. Munawar asks him to calm donw. Mannara asks Eisha is there nothing? She says nothing. Mannara says Abhishek did say you’ve a boyfriend outside. Abhishek says I had no problem. My opinion could be wrong. Eisha says I am only trying to figure out his allegations. I want to talk Samarth. Samarth says say yes or no. She says no. He says so Abhishek is? She says no. Did I say that? He says so I am not either? She says no. Aishwarya ssays to Abhishek you stay calm. Eisha says you prove it then. Samarth says she’s such a liar. She’s naive. Eisha says you know me very well. You pick drop and that counts as boyfriend? He says your mom knows as well.

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