Shiv Shakti (Zee) 29th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv begs Ragunath to save Shakti’s life

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Scene 1
Shiv tells Rimjhim that everything will be fine. She says lets go home. I am worried. Shiv gets a call. Manorama says please come here fast. I did a mistake by not trusting you and Shakti. She tells him everything and says Shakti is sitting in mandap to save us. You have to come here fast and save us. Ranjan’s brother in law comes there and slaps her. He takes the phone from her. Shiv tells Rimjhim that they are in danger.

The priest tells Ranjan and Shakti to stand up for pheras. Shakti is scared and says we can’t do that. Chacha asks what happened? She says I am not feeling well. Ranjan whispers to her to not act oversmart. Shakti says we shouldn’t start new relationships by putting old relationships in danger so I can do this. I mean we can’t pheras because the havan wood has mold which is a bad sign. Ranjan says these are old traditions so we can ignore it. The priest says she is right. We shouldn’t continue pheras with bad wood. All guests agree and Chacha says don’t worry. He asks Dharam to change wood. Shakti thinks I have got 10 more minutes but what will happen next. Ranjan whispers you will marry me at any cost.

Rimjhim meets with Ranjan’s wife and son. She says we have to stop the wedding but we are so far away from house. Shiv says he will save Shakti. He is my superhero.

Gayatri and others are worrying about Shiv. Mandira says where would Shiv. Be must be trying to save Shakti. Ragunath gets Shiv’s call and asks where are you? Shiv says I have hurt you a lot. I have embarrassed you so much. Ragunath says no, you are the best son. Shiv says no, you are the best papa. You were always there for me and today you have to save me again. Someone close to me is in danger and you have to save her. Its Shakti. The phone is on speaker and everyone is hearing him. Shiv says I don’t know why you lied and said you don’t recognise Ranjan but now Shakti is marrying Ranjan by force. If you don’t stop this wedding in my time then I will stoop so low in eyes. Please go and stop this wedding at any cost. Ragunath says your enemies will bow down, not you because your father is still alive. I will go there and stop this wedding. Mandira is shocked hearing that.

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Shiv, Rimjhim and Ranjan’s wife are going to Shakti’s house.

Dharam changes the wood. Ranjan says we can start pheras now. The priest says lets start. Shakti stops them again and says mango leaves are missing fro lm kalash, that’s not right. Chacha scolds Dharam and asks him to bring them. Ranjan scolds the priest. Shakti prays for shiv to come fast and worries about Manorama. She looks around for her and can’t see her. She prays to lord to save her and her family from Ranjan.

Shiv tells the rickshaw driver to drive fast. He recalls promising Shakti to always protect her.

Manorama is crying in the locked room and says Shakti is in danger. If she ends up getting married to Ranjan then I won’t be able to forgive myself.

Ragunath is leaving for Shakti’s house but Mandira stops him and says you shouldn’t go there, its their family matter. Ragunath says shut up, you lied to us and told us Ranjan changed. You told us that this marriage is good because Ranjan is a good person now. Mandira panics hearing that. He says you were wrong, you made us lie for that guy. Because of your mistake, our would-be daughter in law is sitting in mandap with that goon. All are shocked. Ragunath says I won’t let him win. I will stop this wedding and don’t you dare interfere in this matter. I will go and save Shakti. He leaves. Mandira is shocked.

The episode ends.