Neerja 19th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Neerja 19th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News : Trisha’s cunning move to blackmail Abeer

Moushmi asks Abeer to stop the drama and makes him swear in her that he won’t get involved in anything related to Neerja. Abeer takes his hands off and asks to Moushmi to stop all the emotional drama and says for now all I know that Neerja helped us and now she needs my help, we will discuss everything else later. Munmun says oh my God that dirt from Sonagachi has done some black magic. Abeer says to Munmun, I agree that Neerja is from Sonagachi and what she did for us, no one else would do and I have understood you don’t respect it for that, she ruined her reputation for ours and now I don’t care about other good or bad, its my time to return the favour and I won’t step back and get her out of the prison. Kaushik says to Abeer, our reputation is already ruined and you are adding to it by helping Beerja. Abeer says to Kaushik, we would be on roads if she wouldn’t have helped us. Abeer says to Trisha, remember Neerja wanted to warn us but you didn’t let me talk to her. Moushmi says Abeer, Neerja was going to marry Sheikh, all this is just a drama. Abeer says to Moushmi how can you say all this, did you forget Neerja is just like a lotus and can’t you all see the truth. Bijoy gets angry and asks him to stop the nonsense. 

Trisha feels bad about Abeer supporting Neerja. Abeer says to Bijoy, if we are talking about upbringing, in that case no one should trust, me, Kaushik and Sarthak after your past. Moushmi stops Abeer and says don’t cross your lines. Abeer says I am not, I am just doing what I am taught, she saved us and I will save us because I don’t want to be ashamed. This upsets Trisha, making her leave. Meanwhile, Neerja is in prison and asks Protima to eat, but later, Protima faces trouble in the food line, getting bullied and humiliated by other prisoners. She defends Neerja, saying her daughter is innocent, but they threaten her.

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Sarthak notices Abeer’s worry about Neerja and his determination to help her. Protima isn’t given water, and Neerja, angered by this treatment, confronts a prisoner. The jailor scolds her for causing trouble and complains that the prison isn’t a place for chaos. Neerja tries to help her mom eat peacefully and then apologizes for causing all the trouble, feeling responsible for her mom’s situation.

Kaushik tries to talk to Trisha, who’s destroying Neerja’s pictures out of jealousy, fearing she’ll make a bad decision. Moushmi informs Abeer about Trisha’s actions. Trisha thinks Neerja is coming between her and Abeer, and she’s determined to stop Abeer from helping Neerja. Munmun, feeling relieved about her necklace, witnesses Trisha burning a newspaper. Trisha believes Abeer values Neerja more than her and tries to manipulate the situation when Abeer arrives.

Trisha hides the key and complains to Moushmi, feeling neglected by Abeer. Munmun notices the key and realizes Trisha’s cunning. Moushmi tries to reassure Trisha.

Moushmi assures Trisha once Abeer pays his favor back to Neerja, he will be back to normal and I promise you will be Abeer’s wife and no one else and hugs Trisha. Munmun doubts Trisha’s honesty and thinks this Trisha is a big player me and Kaushik should stay away from her.

Pre cap: Abeer visits Didun and says Neerja is in jail because of you and the day I find proofs against you, I will burn down this place. Chakri tells Abeer about Neerja’s mission to save the girls Didun was trafficking.