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Day 37 8 AM
Everyone wakes up and dances to the BB song.

11:15 AM
Anurag says Munawar tries to create an image of people and then revolves it around the house. Khanzadi says he does. Anurag says we can’t be a poet like him. Khanzadi says he was so scared after people called Manara bhabhi. Anurag says his whole game is around girls.

1:30 PM
Munawar comes to Manara and says I wanted to talk to you. Manara says I am not a third wheel in anyone’s life. I wouldn’t say I liked that bhabhi thing. Munawar says did they all you bhabhi? She says not me but whoever they said, they won’t like it. I am not a person like that. Munawar says I know. I don’t want my personal life dragged. She says I want to stay away. Munawar says we are friends. Manara says I do not like being called a third wheel. Munawar says I am happy with two wheels. She says people are saying. Munawar says did I cross the friendship line? She says no. Munawar says you do you then. She says I didn’t know about your thing in the outside world. You told me. He says it was always public. She says I never noticed. Vicky comes there. They both leave.

4:30 PM
Rinku says the mind house will have a special set of fizzz canes for them. You can all go an enjoy. They go out and take the soda.

5:30 PM
Anurag cooks. Sana says I want to help. Vicky says you’re not helping. Sana says I’d like to help out. Tehelka comes to Aishwarya and they laugh. Anurag says let her work. Vicky says Sana leave it. Sana says you don’t dictate to me what to do. I’ve done chopping. Vicky says you don’t do anything. Sana says to keep your mouth shit. You’re a useless person. He says you useless person.

Munawar says to Jigna that Manara is upset. She is saying I don’t like us being connected. She was the one who used to flirt with me. Jigna says I told you. Girls are like that. Munawar says I am very clear about my relations. Ankita says to Sana talk to Vicky nicely. He will listen.

6:30 PM
Sana says to Anurag can’t I help you? He says don’t expect help in return. She says sure. Anurag says then knead. she says I can’t do that. Arun says this is BB house. Sana says let me do chopping. Tehelka says she does so much work. Anurag says she wife pro material. Sana says to Vicky why were you stopping me from helping? He says the outcome of your help ruins everything. Vicky comes to the room. Sana says I will do chopping I’ve already discussed with them. Vicky says if you guys have already decided then don’t talk to me. Sana says that’s so wrong. He can’t rule us. Sana says Vicky listen. Vicky says I am done. She says don’t show me this attitude.

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Manara says to Vicky did you get a hair spa? He says no. Arun says you had a haircut. Vicky says what? Sana says he won’t admit.
Tehelka says does his contract have haircuts? Manara says I didn’t ask for it. I should have. Tehelka says I need too. Manara says to camera please get my hair color done. This is biased. I deserve it.

8:30 PM
Arun says they’re fooling us. Arun says are we, idiots. Anurag says to Manara you’re having white hair. Manara and says Ankita nad Vicky got haircut and color done. How did that happen? Arun says Vicky was called in medical room. They were called for therapy. Neil says Vicky doesn’t have real hair. He wears hair system with medical glue. His natural hair grow so he it has to be shaved off. The medical glue has to be removed only a professional can do that. Tehelka says his beard is also shaved and colors. Neil says they might have done it together. Arun says what about ANkita? This is very partial. Manara says this is not done. Ankita got a hair color. Jigna says yes. Vicky says to Tehelka don’t get distracted by just a color.

9 PM
BB calls everyone to the hall. Manara asks yes BB? BB says you all told us your demands when we were meeting you to cast. Some people had medical needs. Some people had diet needs. I told you the if it doesn’t give any undue advantage then I don’t mind fulfilling your needs. Most people understood it. Except for 2 people. I told them multiple times that one demand can go against you both and become part of questions. But they said don’t worry we will handle it. Vicky and Ankita, there are again talks in the house. Now when it’s in question. I leave Vicky and Ankita’s decision on you both. Now you both give them justifications and tell them how it’s medical and you can’t live without it here. now i am out of it. He says Vicky Ankita, I am discarding your services until everyone agrees to it.

People ask what service? Vicky says I got the vitamin injections. They think I got a haircut. Abhishek says but you do have a haircut.

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