Mera Balam Thanedaar 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Veer and Bulbul stand by each other

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Mera Balam Thanedaar 1st March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Veer and Vayu sign each other. Veer thinks why delivery guy didn’t come till then. Dhristi thinks what they are signing each other. Varnica says your score is zero, you both don’t know each other. Bulbul and Veer look at each other. A guest lady says Veer was about to marry bulbul’s sister, but the bride changed at the last moment. Other lady says they didn’t get the chance to know each other. Another one says it is difficult for such relation to sustain. Bulbul stands up and tells that marriage needs to be fulfilled with understanding. She praises Veer for understanding her, fulfilling her maang with sindoor before going, he knows how to bring smile on my face, and how to save me when I am in trouble. She says all life time goes in understanding the life partner, and I am proud that my husband trusts me blindly. She says the trust shall never be broken, I am proud to get such good inlaws, family and husband. She says God must have written my destiny with golden pen, and tells that she feels herself lucky.

Veer stands up and praises her for standing outside when his family refused to accept her, and for fulfilling their marriage vows in real means, and says you never let our marriage weak and says I am proud of you. He says I am happy that you are my wife, you will be with me all life, and is sure that you will never break my trust. Vardhan asks Sulakshana if she saw how Bulbul and Veer supported each other, and how she stood like a mountain infront of the family. The people praises Bulbul. Dhristi thinks Bulbul always failed in exams, but here she is getting praises. Sulakshana says she will get the food served. Bulbul thinks if Veer and Vayu are worried. Veer tells Sulakshana that he was thinking something. Sulakshana asks what you was thinking, this is not your PS, but my house. She says Bulbul made the food for the first time.

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Dhristi thinks if Bulbul has made the food then she don’t need to do anything. Just then light goes, Veer starts dancing with Vayu and then Vyom. The guest lady asks Bulbul to dance with Veer. Veer says why not? Dhristi thinks I had to convince Veer to dance with me on our engagement, and today he is eager to dance with Bulbul himself. Veer dances with Bulbul. Dhristi gets jealous and throws marbles on Bulbul’s way. Bulbul falls and Veer holds her. Bulbul smiles. Apna banale piya plays…..Everyone claps. Vardhan tells Sulakshana that they shall live their old days. Sulakshana says you have become Nana and Dada both. He says he wants to dance. They dance. Sulakshana takes off bad sight from them with the money.

The Servant brings the food and tells Sulakshana that the food is ready. Vayu tries to take Veer from there, but the guests stop him. Sulakshana asks the guests to take the food and asks Servants to serve the food to everyone. Vardhan asks Sulakshana to have food as she has to eat on time. Bulbul cries and says my beautiful inlaws home, I will be losing. She sees everyone about to have the food and wipes her tears. She asks everyone not to have the food. Gita and Devender stand up. Veer looks at Bulbul. sulakshana asks what is this misbehavior, why you are stopping guests.

Precap: Bulbul asks them to have sweets first. Everyone eats sweets and likes it. Sulakshana says she will taste the food and tastes it. The guests also taste the food.