Mangal Lakshmi 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Adit insults Mangal

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Scene 1
Lakshmi asks did you speak to Jeju? Mangal gets teary. Lakshmi asks is all okay? She says he’s busy in his meeting. She shows her outside. Lakshmi asks did you eat? Mangal says yes.  Lakshmi says did you make the menu for the event? She says I will make it today. Lakshmi says to take Jeju’s opinion. He will get angry again. Lakshmi says I will send you fresh masalas. Mangal says I’ve started the event’s preparations soon. Adi shouldn’t have any complaints.

Lippika tells Shanti I will wear this dress at Mangal’s event. Shanti says we can’t afford it from the money Lakshmi gives us. I am sure she keeps most of the profit. She is very clever. Lippika says where does she hide the money? Chacha says come let me show you. He shows a money box for Lippika’s education. He shows another of for chachi chacha treatment, Mangal didi gift and emergency. he says there’s not one money box for us. She does it all for us. Shanti breaks the money box. She says we will use these pennies to get Mangal’s gift. Lakshmi comes. She picks up the money. Shanti says I don’t need your pennies. Lakshmi says I was going to give today’s profit. The sarees were sold. We made 5k. Chacha says this is how she si. Shanti says it’s just 5k not 50k. We have to pay so many bills and then she’s our burden that her mother left for us. She should have left her in orphanage. Chacha shouts. Lakshmi leaves.

Scene 2
Adi comes to his office. He gets a call call from his boss. He says sorry sir I got late because of a personal problem. The boss says Nitin Bharadwaj is our competitor and a close friend. Your problems shouldn’t get to us. Your wife insulted Nitin. He says I didn’t know sir, I am sorry. His boss says he can harm our business. You should have been careful. You are so careless. Mangal calls Adi. Adi says sorry we couldn’t talk. Did you reach the office? He says I won’t get anywhere if you’re in my life. Don’t call me again. He hangs up.

Lakshmi sits on the road and cries. She recalls how Mangal taught her to write on paper whatever she wanted to tell her mom and make a plane. It’d go to her mom directly. Lakshmi writes and makes a plane. Karthik is in his car with Jia. He says I love this. Jia says I wanna meet your mom. All our stars are aligned now. We should meet our families. The plane comes in their car. Jia says this is trash. He says no something is written on it. He reads the poem. He says someone wrote such a beautiful poem. Let me look around who wrote it. He gets out but fans surround him. Lakshmi walks past. Jia says let’s go.

Kusum says it’s my serial time. Mangal makes tea. Mangal massages Kusum’s head. Papa says to have your tea first. She says women don’t get time for themselves. Mangal is like me. I found such a nice girl for Adit. She’s sad about her sister. Papa says Adit should have been careful and should have investigated who was the guy. Mangal is innocent. Adit comes in, he’s angry. Kusum says come have tea. He throws the keys. Kusum asks what happened. Bell rings. Adit opens the door. It’s a plumber. He says is madam ji home? I got home. can I check now? Adit shouts can’t you see me? Come in. Mangal says listen.. he stops her. Adit takes the plumber to the washroom. He says it’s choking. He says but I fixed it a few days ago. Adit shouts do you even know your job? He turns it on, it’s working. The plumber says it’s working. Mangal says he fixed it two days ago. I called him to see the kitchen sink. The plumer says sir madam knows house better than you. Adi leaves in anger. Mangal gives him coffee. She says it’d get cold. She says your night suit is there. kusum calls Mangal downstairs to check the tap. He says go and check. She leaves. Adit holds Mangal’s hand in anger. He asks how many things would see? You must get tired, right? Everyoen asks you for everything. Come sit here, let me massage your feet. Mangal says what are you doing. Leave it, please. He says I am your slave. Mangal says I am sorry if you didn’t like anything. He says you should wear this suit. Mangal says please forgive me if I made a mistake. He says no no you can never make a mistake. Mangal says why are you so mad. what’s my fault? He says now you look like a madam. You should be ina company. You will get a huge salary. You’re so qualified. How much can you earn? Kusum says Mangal come here, can’t you listen? Adit says no you sit here, I will go you. Your servant. Mangal says Adi ji please.

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Adit comes downstairs and says maa why are you calling madam? You should tell me what to do. Kusum sees Mangal in a coat. She says what is all this Mangal? Adit says you can’t question madam. See her status, and tell me what to do. Knead the floor? Mangal says what are you dong? Please don’t. Forgive me. Please don’t do this. He kneads the flour in anger. Mangal says I will do it, he splashes it on her face. He says I should do the dishes next. Mangal says Adit please don’t do this. Forgive me please for ay mistake. Papa says what are you doing?? He says doing the dishes. Mangal says please don’t do this. If you’re mad about today’s incident forgive me, please. I tried to tell you. He breaks the glass in anger. Mangal is scared. Mangal says sorry. He says just shut up. Kusum says stop it. What is all this? He says ask madam. Papa says why are you insulting her like that? he says insult? Everyoen is questioning me why didn’t I investigate the proposal she brought. Was that my job? She said she can manage everything. What did you think? Such a rich guy would marry your 10th pass sister?? Papa says you should have investigated. She found a good family but they decided. She’s innocent. It was your job to investigate more an involved in all this. He says why should I be involved in these domestic manners? Should I clean the house too? Madam will go and earn money and pay rent and fees. Papa says I am not saying that. He says no one can see I don’t get any time. I don’t have any time for myself. I am in stress all day so I can earn for this house. Mangal cries. He says she’s home all day but she still doesn’t have time. Why does she take responsibility then adn then mess up? And now it’s my fault? Mangal says sorry Adit ji. He says why are you saying sorry. I should sit at home and you should go and earn. She will go and earn. Mangal says don’t say that you earn for all of us. He says really? Kusum says forget it. Lakshmi is a good girl. She’s well mannered and she runs her shops too. We just want you to find a good guy for her since you go out and meet many people. He says should I ask my colleague to marry her well mannered sister and ruin your life like I ruiend mine. Like my life is hell. Mangal is shocked.

Episode ends

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