Mehndi Wala Ghar 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Rahul gets a proof against Vicky

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Mehndi Wala Ghar 1st March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Mauli burning a towel. She shouts to Manisha and asks her to open the door, there is fire in the room. She gets to see an incoming call on Rahul’s phone. She takes the call and talks to the travel agent. She checks the ticket. She says it means Rahul is making Mini run, no, this is so wrong. Rahul asks will you marry Vicky and ruin your life. Mini says no, isn’t there any other option. He says no, you have half an hour to decide and tell me, you have to go, you can come back later. Manisha sees the smoke and opens the door. She sees the fire. Mauli says I have ignited the fire, I had this last option, I can’t see Mini’s life getting ruined. Manisha says Akshay don’t want to repeat my story with Mini. Mauli says its different, I have proof against Vicky, please let me go, its about Mini’s life, trust me once, please. Manisha agrees. Mauli hugs her. Mini does the aarti and prays. Vicky also does the aarti with her. The diya oil falls on his foot. He gets angry. Mini gets scared seeing his anger. He calms down. Mini says I m sorry, Vicky. Akshay asks where is your focus. Suprabha signs Vicky. Vicky says I m fine, are you fine, Mini. Manoj says I have anti burn cream. Vicky says no, Mini will apply the cream to my foot. Suprabha asks them to go.

Mauli comes to the temple and collides with Rahul. They argue. She gives him the phone. He says I worry for her future. She says you are a coward to not face the situation. He says I m taking a stand for Mini. She says sorry, your way is bad, I won’t let Mini take a wrong move. He says Manoj left the house, he has everything today. She says pain and regret also, do you want Mini to have this pain and regret all her life. He says I want Mini to stay happy, I can’t explain anything else. He goes. Vicky asks Mini to apply the medicine. Mini sits down. He angrily pulls her hair and slaps her. She falls down. He says you did that to make me angry in front of everyone. He scolds her. Akshay says Vicky is a nice guy, Mauli tried to break this decision. Vijay says yes, he is calm. Mini asks Vicky to leave her hand. He says no, what will you do. Vaibhav’s daughter watches them and records a video. Mini says I will go and tell everyone about you. Vicky says stop Mini. He plays Rahul and Mini’s video. Mini cries. Vicky says I will tell everyone that you have an affair with Rahul’s friend and you are preparing to go to him, your family will lose respect, what will you do then. Mini says no Vicky, you won’t do this. He says I will do it. She begs him and asks him to delete the video. She says I will marry you. He says I wanted to hear this, wash your face and come, keep a smile. They go out. Vicky acts good. Mini sees Mauli there. Mauli signs her. Mini says I will go to washroom and come. Akshay asks her to go.

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Mini asks what are you doing here, it will be a big problem if anyone sees you, go away. Mauli says no, I got to know that Vicky’s alliance broke, I will tell this to everyone. Mini says no, he already told me everything. Mauli asks what, did you know. Mini says yes, its okay. She says hot oil fell on him, but he didn’t scold me, I will marry him, please go from here. Mauli sees the bruises on her hand. Mini asks her to go. Mauli says tell me how did you get hurt.

Suprabha asks is everything fine. Vicky says yes. Mauli cries seeing Mini’s wounds. Mini says I fell down the temple stairs and got hurt, its nothing like you are saying. Mauli says I know the difference between staircase falling injury and nail marks. Mini says nothing can change now. She cries and hugs Mauli. Mauli says I know Vicky has hurt you, why are you hiding. Jyoti comes there and looks on. She thinks when did Mauli come here. Mini says you said family is the most imp, please go if you love me. She asks Jyoti to come. Mauli says I m proud of you, you are supporting Vicky, remember, he has just raised hand on you and Akshay, he can hurt Golu and Jyoti also, Rohit told this to me. Rahul cancels the flight tickets. He sees Guddi crying. He goes to her. He asks what are you doing here. She hugs him. He asks what happened. She show him the video. He gets shocked. Mini asks did Vicky raise hand on dad. Mauli says yes, its his nature. Mini says I was silent when he had beaten me, but he has raised hand on dad, I won’t keep quiet now. Mauli says I wanted to hear this, sorry, I lied to make you confess the truth. She asks Jyoti did she hear it, Vicky has beaten Mini again. She shows Mini’s wounds to Jyoti. Jyoti is shocked.

The episode ends