Mehndi Wala Ghar 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Mauli surprises the family

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Mehndi Wala Ghar 28th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Manas coming to Janki and doing a drama. He cries and complains about Mauli. She asks him to think of his actions. She goes. Rahul and everyone play cricket. Janki puts the flowers in the vase. The ball hits it and the vase falls. Janki gets angry. Rahul sees everyone hiding. He says sorry, ball please. Janki thinks if Manas and Mauli’s relation will break due to Rahul, no… Mauli and the ladies make the kurtas for everyone. Mauli thinks of some idea to bring back Akshay and Jyoti’s love. Swara says this kurta design is different. Mauli says its for Manisha. Swara says I will put this Gota patti on it. Mauli takes the kurta for Manoj and says Janki has sent kurta for you, wear it. He says fine. He gets glad seeing the Kurta. Tanvi says I gave the kurta to Vijay. Golu says I gave it to Manisha. Ajay likes the kurta. Mauli gives the needle and says you might need this now. Akshay gets the button in hand. He calls Jyoti. Mauli asks her to go. Akshay asks Jyoti to stitch the kurta button. Jyoti says its Mauli’s mischief. She tries to stitch it. He asks Jyoti to get on the chair. He holds her hand. Mauli smiles. She gets prickled by the needle. He says let it be, its done. He goes. Jyoti cries. Mauli goes to help her get down the chair. She says its okay. Everyone sees the same kurta. Janki comes and looks on. Manisha also comes. She says mum has sent it. They say yes, we also got it from Janki. Jyoti says Mauli has sent it to you. Mauli comes. She says sorry, I had lied. Janki looks on. Mauli says I thought to live old memories. Janki recalls the old moments. Hari asks them to run like before to get the laddoos from Janki. They agree and challenge each other. They all run and look for Janki. Janki gets the laddoos. They run to Janki. Manoj holds his knee and stops. Akshay reaches Janki first. Everyone smiles. Akshay says I won, they were saying they will defeat me again, feed me laddoo fast. Janki says yes, you won, eat the laddoo. Akshay smiles. Vijay says feed us laddoo of his victory. Janki nods and feeds them the laddoos. They take her blessings. They take extra laddoos and run. Akshay says its cheating. Hari says Mauli has asked for property share and I felt sad, I knew that she had come to join the family, she took your name and united them by lying. Janki gives laddoo to Mauli. Jyoti prays that Mauli gets her wishful life partner. Manas thinks I have to spoil Mauli’s image. Mini is scared. Mauli asks her to just go to Akshay and talk. Mini goes to Akshay. She says my friends want to come home for Holika, shall I let them come, its Sneha’s last holi, she is getting married, they invited themselves. Akshay says it won’t suit you to play Holi with boys. He asks Jyoti to explain Mini. Mauli says its good she is taking your permission, they are just friends. Janki says there is a problem if they come home, guy and girl can’t be friends.

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Rahul says we shouldn’t have a problem. Janki says matter is over, ask them not to come home. Mini goes. Manas thinks I will do Mauli’s game over. Janki asks where is Ajanta. Ajanta comes and says its my off tomorrow, who drinks tea on Holi. Dadi says family will have to work together, Jyoti will tell you. Tanvi says I will make the special Gujiya. Hari gets happy hearing the Bahus’ plans. He asks the bahus to make sweets, he will give nek to the best one. Janki goes. Swara jokes on Ajanta. Ajanta says I will cook any easy recipe. She eats the curd. Swara says I had kept the curd for the sweets. They argue. Jyoti says Golu will get the curd. Swara says fine. Rahul says we will get skin infections with these colours. Ajay says we will make colours at home. Manoj says I have made preparations also. He gets the flowers and mehendi leaves. They talk about the childhood and laugh. Manoj jokes on Akshay. Ajay and Vijay say we used to throw Akshay in the pool. Akshay smiles. Manoj says we will live our childhood again. Akshay says I don’t want to celebrate it with you, you have come to ask for property share.

Everyone dances. Mini’s friends come. Janki scolds Mauli. Manas apologizes. Rahul asks him to stop the nonsense.