Kumkum Bhagya 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Dadu helps Poorvi

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The Episode starts with Poorvi telling that RV has messed up all the almira and says she will make him clean the room. RV comes there and asks why did she scatter clothes in the room. She says she had opened the almira and the clothes fell down. RV refuses to pick the cloth and says let me sleep now. Poorvi says I want it to be cleared now itself and can’t make the bed as the dustbin. RV says you are behind me and asks her to clean his almira. Poorvi says your clothes fell down when I was keeping my clothes. She says you can’t sleep on this bed and room if you don’t clean the mess. RV says now I will sleep.

Poorvi says she wants to talk to Dadi. RV says ok fine, I will go out and sleep on coach. RV says since he got married, he didn’t have peace and thinks why did he marry? He sees Dadu coming there holding the pillow in his hand. Dadu asks if you are RV or his ghost? RV says I am here? Dadu says you shall be in Poorvi’s room today. RV says he wanted to see the movie and that’s why he is here. Dadu says Dadi has thrown him out of the room, and asks him why did he come out of room, asks if they have any fight? RV says no. Dadu asks him to come with him. He knocks on Poorvi’s door. Poorvi refuses to open the door. Dadi and asks her to open the door. Poorvi gets worried. Dadu asks her not to worry and says RV is with me. Poorvi opens the door. Dadu asks Poorvi let RV stay in the room, and says he will stay in some corner. He asks if they had any fight. Poorvi says she asked RV to clean as the room was messy.Dadu says even dog cleans the place and sleeps. RV says he will clean. Poorvi thanks him. Dadu says he will do anything for her.

Prachi tells Manpreet that she wants to make the food nicely as she is making it for known people. Manpreet asks her not to worry and tells that she will only get the order. She says Prachi doesn’t get afraid of fear. Prachi prays that Tashu and her husband shall give the contract to her, and thinks their life will change if they get the contract.

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Tashu and Ranbir come to Prachi’s house. Ranbir gets a call. Tashu rings Prachi’s house door. Prachi comes out and asks where is your husband? Tashu tells that her husband is with his first wife, ie work. Prachi looks at Ranbir, but doesn’t see his face. Tashu asks where did she get lost, and tells that her husband is handsome. Prachi says she felt. Tashu asks what? Prachi asks her to come inside and says everyone is waiting.

Tashu comes inside the house. Vishaka asks why she took so much time to come, and tells that Prachi has made food and waiting for them. Manpreet says no problem. Tashu says sorry and says her husband is attending the call. Prachi says the more Bua ji scolds, the more she loves the person. Vishaka says I didn’t scold much. She asks Prachi to serve the food. She says the food is good. . She asks the food must be good as it is made by Prachi. She tastes the food and likes it. She says it is amazing, and says she coughs and asks for the washroom. Manpreet tells Prachi that she will take her to washroom and asks her to see Tashu’s husband.

Next day, Dadu and Dadi tease and laugh on RV. Dadi tells that Poorvi will make him mend his ways, and says she is right girl for him. RV says Dadu was saying that you dominate him. Dadu tells Dadi that he can’t say such thing for her. RV comes there and tells that Poorvi comes there and tells that Dadu didn’t say anything against Dadi. RV says Poorvi and Dadi are both lying. He says he understood that Dadi is lying to get saved. Poorvi says RV was lying, and Dadu didn’t say anything. Monisha gets upset and thinks to lower Poorvi in Dadi’s sight, so that Dadi herself throws her out. Ranbir on call asks the person why he is not informed about the call.

Precap: Prachi tells Poorvi that Tashu is actually KK’s would be wife. Poorvi gets happy.