Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Meghnat plans against Shishupal and Bhim Rao

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Bhim tells Meghnat he does not have any problem with it and is even prepared to walk behind Shishupal, however, he says he has a problem with it telling Meghnat that it is not right because he does not know how to read and perform the balance which his father should tell if he knows about it. Shishupal turns the ledger towards Meghnat who keeps quiet staring at it, Meghnat asks Shishupal if he has lost his mind asking if he does not know that he does not know how to study, Shishupal says Bhim chose pen all those years ago so is now holding the ledger when he picked the stick but is now today holding the newspaper, Shishupal says what he has chosen right now is correct and will give him the future. Shishupal takes the bundle of newspapers from Bhim and tells Meghnat that what children choose in front of his parents decides what they will become in the future, either a Shishupal or Bhim Rao Ambedkar. Meghnat is furiously looking at them both, Bhim tells Meghnat that he knows Meghnat would be feeling bad about what Shishupal is saying however it is true, that what parents give to their children decides their future., Meghnat asks if Bhim is saying what he along with their forefathers did was wrong, Bhim replies he mean that every parent should only give the book and not the stick, because book teaches them to do something in their life while the stick ruins their life, Shishupal says when they tend to get habitual of the stick then it takes them a lot of difficulty to learn and be like Bhim Rao. Meghnat replies he is seeing how Shishupal has also learned to speak, but they donot have anything in their life. Meghnat says he is trying to teach his father that he is wrong while Bhim is right, Meghnat furiously leaves with his men, and Shishupal asks Bhim Rao to come as his father would keep talking like this but he will not return from the path he has chosen no matter what happens, they both leave.

Ramji is walking when he sees Jija Bai sitting on the bed outside, he walks over to her and takes out the medicine for her saying it would ease her pain after which she should try to sleep. Jija Bai says she felt nice he brought medicine for her and that he still cares for her, but she does not want to sleep so will not eat the medicine. Jija Bai places it back on the hand of Ramji who gets worried asking the reason, Phulari questions Jija Bai if she is fine, Jija Bai says she wants to talk with them but why would she sleep, because if people tend to talk nicely then there is no need to bring the medicine, Ramji furiously says she always tends to say bad things then should not eat it, he leaves angrily. Phulari asks Jija Bai to listen to their plan as they have decided how to oust Puran from the Chawl. Jija Bai says she would feel nice after which they will make fun of Bhim and Rama. Jaggu asks Jija Bai to understand how Puran will surely be ousted tonight, Jija Bai replies if ti happens then she will give them tea so Jaggu asks her to get ready.

The vendor serves tea to the people of the upper class along with Meghnat who is thinking about what his son said to him that he chose wrong by giving the stick to him and Bhim said that every parent should give book in the hands of their children as it teaches them to do something while the stick ruins it, Meghnat is sitting when the elder brother of Sethji comes asking if he called them, Meghnat asks everyone if they know him when the vendor recognizes that he si the brother of Sethji and owns the office, Meghnat says he rightly said that he is owner but his decision does not have any importance, because his younger brother Sethji hired Bhim Rao and they cannot even fire him while have also hired Shishupal as a worker, which would have one effect which is that Bhim Rao would prove they can keep th people from upper class even below them and if Shishupal earns some money then would surely go against him, the brother says he would go and check it but Meghnat says he would neither find Shishupal nor Bhim there, and the other people from the upper class also request him to do something so he leaves. Meghnat gets up thinking Bhim Rao thought that he would not do anything when he kept giving him the lecture, but now he will surely form a circle against him so that they get a lot suffocated.

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Shishupal while walking tells Bhim Rao they are very thirsty and should drink, Bhim agrees saying he is also thirsty, Shishupal asks if they can ask her for some water, Bhim explains he can ask but she will not give him, Shishupal asks him so she says that it is of earning blessings and offers him, Bhim agrees so Shishupal starts drinking, while Bhim is smiling. Shishupal asks Bhim Rao also to drink it, he informs him he is not of their class but the lady immediately steps back and asks Shishupal if he is also of the same class Bhim says Shishupal is from her class hearing which she starts smiling. The woman leaves when Bhim says that they have gotten used to it and so asks Shishupal to come with him as there is a place to drink water, Bhim says this is why he always says their path is very long and the differences arise but this is why they get really tired, Bhim starts walking with Shishupal.

In the factory Rama and Karuna are working, when Karuna tells Lakshmi she is tired and is going to sleep but Lakshmi questions if she would go and sleep working time, Karuna furiously replies if she will work due to her fear but is going to sleep. Rama asks why Karuna always brings things from their house over here, Karuna says then does Lakshmi not support Rama over here, Karuna replies she is going to sleep and if Lakshmi considers her as her sister then should go to tell a lie to the manager saying she is ill when she is perfectly fine, Karuna furiously slaps Lakshmi warning her not to hold her hand. The manager questions if she slapped the manager on her place as she made a mistake, Karuna replies she slapped Lakshmi thinking of her as a sister, and blames that Lakshmi for arguing, however, the manager asks her to go and do the work. Karuna goes back to her work along with Rama and Lakshmi. Rama tells Karuna if someone does not listen then they have to teach them, Karuna questions what will she do and asks if this is the way to talk to her elder, Rama starts arguing when Lakshmi requests them to calm down. The manager warns them to not make the factory their house as today he has to distribute the salary so they must calm down. Karuna starts working but looking at Lakshmi thinks she will have to teach them both a lesson.