Meet 5th November 2023 Written Episode Update


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Raj is shocked seeing Pankhuri lying on floor getting seizures. Sumeet feels even this is act put up by Pankhuri. Raj picks up Pankhuri and places her on bed. Pankhuri says she feels like burden on everyone. Raj suggests Sumeet to go to look after Priyanka while he handles Pankhuri. However Sumeet says she will go after Dr Khurana checks on her as previous doctor’s treatment is showing no further improvement. Sumeet says Dr Khurana is an expert in psychiatry and can easily catch if someone is lying about mental illness. Pankhuri thinks how to escape from Khurana or he act will be caught.

Sumeet brings Dr Khurana inside and says about her previous doctor saying that Pankhuri needs to be treated in America or else she may have mental breakdown. Pankhuri drops Mayra’s photo frame. She starts her acting and says she wants to go to Mayra as she feels her daughter is not fine. Sumeet understands Pankhuri is acting to stop doctor from seeing her. Poonam tells it’s good that Pankhuri returned home. Sumeet says she will call Dr Khurana again to home tomorrow morning.

Shlok decorates room for Sumeet and flirts with her. He pulls her close and feels upset when Sumeet still accuses of Pankhuri’s strange behavior towards new doctor. Shlok apologises to Sumeet for behaving rudely with her. He reminds her that even Raj said not to do anything which can hurt Pankhuri. Anju thanks Poonam for handling the situation last moment which saved them from losing the client. Sumeet comes there and praises Poonam for handling event so well. Poonam gives credit to Anju and says she herself has spent her lifetime working for household duties only. Sumeet tells how managing house itself is a great duty itself.

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Poonam compliments Sumeet for handling everything is well balanced way and calls her a boon for their family. Anju feels jealous and asks her to praise her elder daughter in law ie Anju too sometimes as she handles work at home as well as events too. Sumeet cutely hugs her and says she is best which makes Anju smile again. Pankhuri asks Priyanka what Raj talked to her earlier. The latter says she was touched by fact that Raj inspite of being so busy came to meet her when her health deteriorated.

Pankhuri asks Priyanka if they have already kissed. Priyanka says Raj applied turmeric paste on her rashes and even caressed her hair which makes Pankhuri feels jealous. She decides to harm Priyanka’s hair. Pankhuri is about to cut Priyanka’s hair while Sumeet is going to check on her. Sumeet switches on light and asks Pankhuri what she doing as she is holding scissor on hand. Pankhuri lies that she was cutting thread from blanket. Sumeet gives medicine to Pankhuri which she hesitates to take. Pankhuri fools Sumeet and doesn’t take the medicines. Poonam says Sumeet about childhood incident when Pankhuri spoiled the doll Priyanka got from Ashok. Anju jokes that Priyanka is about to get Raj and wonders if Pankhuri can spoil the same. The episode end with Sumeet realising Pankhuri wants Raj.

Episode ends.