Shiv Shakti (Colors) 4th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 4th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Shiv says to Tarakasur that the latter got powers so he should use them in meaningful way. He reminds him about the power which he got from Brahma. Parvati tells Tarakasur that no one can stop Shiv and Parvati’s milan. She says that they are one and it won’t change no matter what.

Shiv tells Tarakasur that why his son will kill the latter if he did nothing wrong then. He asks him to choose the good path and do good things. He advices him to make his life meaningful. He adds that Tarakasur should do good things for him and asurs. Narayan tells Tarakasur that the latter should not do wrongdoings.

Tarakasur tells them that he don’t want to listen all this because he did not come to listen their lecture. He says that asurs will laugh at him if he returned without fighting then. He adds that he want to become Shiv. Shiv tells him to sacrifice everything. He lists out the things which Tarakasur has to do to become Shiv.

Tarakasur tells Shiv to stop talking and fight with him. He says that if Shiv lost then he will be called as Shiv. And says that if Shiv won then he can be as Shiv. Parvati takes the trishul from Shiv. Tarakasur says that today he will win Parvati and take her to asur lok. In the asur lok, Shukracharya says that Tarakasur become mad. He asks that how can Tarakasur even think to win against Parvati in Kailash.

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Parvati tells Tarakasur to take Shiv’s trishul. She says that she will accept Tarakasur is more powerful than Shiv if he takes Shiv’s trishul then.

Shukracharya says that Tarakasur can’t do this. Diti says that if Tarakasur did it then he will be called as the most powerful man in this earth. He says that Tarakasur become mad and atleast Diti should understand Tarakasur can’t do this. She tells him to trust Tarakasur. She reminds him that he is Tarakasur’s teacher. He says that Tarakasur may even get punishment if he lost then. He asks what if Tarakasur dies like Dambh. Meanwhile, Dambh’s son gets shocked seeing Dambh’s head. He says that he will kill Shiv.

Tarakasur says that he is powerful so he can take Shiv’s trishul easily. Nandi warns him. Goddess Saraswati tells Tarakasur that if he back off then asurs will taunt him. Tarakasur says that he is king of asurs and today it will be proved that he is powerful than others.

Precap: Shiv say to Parvati that she is going to be the bride so she should stay happy instead of being anger. Parvati talks to flowers and butterflies about her marriage. She is happy that she is going to become Shiv’s wife.