Meet 4th November 2023 Written Episode Update


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Pankhuri begins her acting saying she will not stay with Sumeet as she doesn’t like her. Raj tells Sumeet that Pankhuri is very sensitive so she should leave her on her own. Sumeet says it feels like Pankhuri cannot decide her well being so she needs someone who can look after her for 24 hours. Sumeet thinks she doesn’t know what Pankhuri is doing but she will make sure she cannot come in between Raj and Priyanka’s relationship. Anju plans an event and thinks to add Shlok and Sumeet’s performance to it.

Poonam informs Anju that Sumeet has decided to stay at Raj’s home and come back when Pankhuri forgives her and returns back. Anju says she has a big presentation for client next day and even Rajeev is not there so if Sumeet and Shlok are also missing all pressure would be on her. Poonam says she will help her. Anju shows her wedding theme and Poonam suggests to change black color as it’s inauspicious. Anju mocks her for being old fashioned and unaware of modern things. Poonam feels hurts with her words.

Shlok and Sumeet go out to have ice-cream. They spend time together and Shlok teases her romantically. Shlok finds Sumeet worried and finds her reason behind it. The latter says she still feels that Pankhuri is faking depression and mental illness. Pankhuri dresses seductively and thinks to trap Raj. She puts her nighty strap in fan and screams for help. Shlok gets angry on Sumeet for character assassinating Pankhuri. Sumeet thinks even though Shlok is not trusting her she needs to do something to expose Pankhuri. Raj goes to help Pankhuri and finds it awkward seeing her dressed sensually. Sumeet reaches there too and helps Pankhuri out. Pankhuri thinks Sumeet will not let her get close to Raj.

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Raj sends gifts for Priyanka and Poonam tells her she is lucky to have husband like Raj who is looking after her sister and making sure to bring smile on her face too. Pankhuri thinks she has mixed cashew in laddoo sent for Priyanka so that she gets allergic reaction and Sumeet is called to look after her. Priyanka as accepted gets allergic reaction eating the sweets. Pankhuri says its good that Sumeet is going to take care of Priyanka but rather Sumeet packs Raj’s luggage and sends him to take care of Priyanka.

Pankhuri intentionally doesn’t give Raj his charger. Raj comes to Priyanka and she hides her face because of allergic rashes. She tells Raj he did not have to come and says she will not show her face. Raj says she will always find herself beautiful from his vision. He applies turmeric paste on all her rashes and Shlok shows the same to Sumeet. Sumeet shows the same to Pankhuri too who feels jealous. Anju’s client likes Poonam’s traditional theme idea. Sumeet finds how Pankhuri had mixed cashew. The episode ends with Pankhuri saying she has to call back Raj there and starts her acting.

Episode ends.